Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Round-up

Thursday night I finished sewing the borders on this storm at sea quilt top. The body is from a John Flynn laser-cut kit I bought last year. I finished it a while back but had put it away to stew. Then I found the border fabric in Intercourse, PA when I went up to the Lancaster show a couple weeks ago. Now, I trying to work out how I'll quilt it.

Friday I was not involved in a car chase, nor did I receive a speeding ticket. It wasn't even close, but I was still watching out for the cops. I did, however, have to look in 12 unlocked lockers at the gym before I found an empty one for my work clothes during yoga class. Yes, I counted them.

Friday night I took Kevin to Special Olympics swim team practice. From what I can gather while watching from afar (I'm not allowed to get closer, that's his thing), he's doing well, he needs more practice at going distances, he tends to stop and watch what's going on around him.

Saturday I took him to swim-n-gym and then came back home to take Fern to her skating practice. The spring show was Sunday and it was the last time she'd be doing this year's production team's show. While she was gone I got in the shower and started to shave my legs. They'd been neglected for a while (like all of winter) but the weather was spectacular and I wanted to wear shorts. Dan comes in to tell me the spring skating show is today, not tomorrow and he was leaving to take her her skating costume and I had to get Kevin. So I ended up pulling on jeans so I wouldn't freeze in the rink. My legs will have to wait to see the sun. At least they are smooth.

The skating show went pretty well. I've seen it so many times now I almost don't pay attention. But this time I did notice the choreography was strong for the first three-quarters but kinda fizzled out at the end. I wonder why I didn't see that before? I wonder if it would have helped the coaches any if I'd passed that on two months ago? Oh well.

Sunday it rained. I went to church, then took Kevin to swim team practice again. While he was there I went to Costco to order new glasses and buy some milk. I usually get three gallons at a time. While I was at the milk cooler I heard another shopper say "only eight?" to his wife when they were loading their cart of milk. Eight? OK. It was very crowded in the Costco, I did a full lap around the parking lot with no luck and was about to drive back to the pool but a space opened up right in front of me so I stayed to shop. I probably should have left because in the end it took a long time to check out and pay and it was raining again when I walked out to the car. Without an umbrella.

I did a little laundry, not enough to count, and a little sewing and not much else.

Sunday night my daughter asked if I was pregnant. I was wearing pajamas. Without the girdle-like protection of my jeans I don't look as skinny as I used to. I guess I gotta lay off the excess snack food, huh?


greeny said...

That quilt is so beautiful!
Good to know on the police story. You just left me hangin...

I admire how much you do for your children. And without griping. *

I remember asking my mom if she was pregnant when she was just a bout the age I am now. She didn't laugh. I sport the same middle aged roll she did.
I'm going for a walk now.

greeny said...

I have not had a reason to shave my legs since last Labor Day (was it Labor Day? Yeah, I think it was. No, maybe ...)Im going to have to start dating just for that reason or they are going to set my legs aside as a National Forest.

Sofia said...

I've been dating for a while now and have to shave more often. So are you telling me that if I marry, I can quit shaving? I hate stubble.

I'd venture to guess that if the shaving doesn't matter, than a little food indulgence is OK too. No one needs you to be a Barbie. I bet Barbie had whole-body laser hair removal. ouch! She probably sweats a lot now.

AM Kingsfield said...

yikes! That was me!

Anne said...

Which was you, AM, not shaving since Labor Day or whole-body laser hair removal?

Sofia, the stubble grows out to a nice soft carpet. Don't worry.