Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Misplaced Round-up

The lovely large white envelope addressed to some office in Andover, MA was placed in the mail box in front of my office building before the 12:00 pick-up yesterday, along with a lovely large check, a full 12 hours and twenty minutes before the deadline. Moments later the state taxes were filed on-line. I should be getting that refund in a few days. Yippee.

Fern skated well at the ISI District 4 championships over the weekend, unfortunately there were others who skated better. She took home ribbons for two second places and two fourth places. She wants to do more competitions, so I can only surmise she had a good time and isn't detrimentally brokenhearted about not getting a first place. We bought the DVDs for her events, but I have no idea about how to upload the video so you all can see, too.

One of the local Brownie Girl Scout leaders asked me to come and sew badges on vests for girls during their weekly meeting last night. She gets quite aggravated when the girls don't have the insignia in the correct locations and wants to make it very easy for the parents to get it "right." There are four troops meeting at the same time in one of the churches so she was hoping for my sake I'd get a lot of business. As it turns out, I got four new clients and was able to finish vests for three of them. Then my machine jammed, the one I just picked up from the shop for its 7500 mile checkup. Time was up anyway so I brought home the fourth one. I charge $25 per year of service or $1 per badge. If a year is purchased, I feel it good service to fix anything on the vest that's loose or out of place. The last parent wanted to only pay for the six badges to be sewn on. However several more should be adjusted and I'm in a quandary as to how much work to do and how much to charge for it. I'm leaning towards thinking if she can't afford the $25 and only wanted to pay $6, then I should fix everything and sew on the new things for $7 or $8 total, and not any more. This is a pocket-change job anyway, not a mortgage payment.

I'm very glad Jason got the boot on last night's Hell's Kitchen, I didn't like him.

Photo of the Day

A Window in Pula, Croatia


just me said...

Glad to know Fern did well in competition... and that she's not so intense that anything less than first place is not satisfactory. I've seen girls cry at competition... you wouldn't want that.

E gave up skating this fall - an unfortunate victim of high school social life. She was mostly in it for fun anyway... but now she's getting NO exercise. (As far as I'm concerned the pitiful excuse for PE this semester doesn't count.)

John said...

Taxes, huh. Better get mine done. Thy're due soon aren't they?

AM Kingsfield said...


Fern told me she learn a lot from watching the DVD of her performance. Excellent technique. That girl has a good head on her shoulders.