Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My meetings today took me south of San Francisco to San Jose and Cupertino. The highlight of the day was a drive around Infinite Loop. Any guesses why?

Click here for a Google map of the area, click on the little yellow guy for a walking tour of the neighborhood.

The weather was chilly and windy today and I packed completely wrong; I wish I had my winter coat or a warm sweater.


John said...

Ain't Technology wonderful? Course you know that better than I do. Enjoy the weather and the city.

just me said...

in that part of the country, it's often warmer in fall than spring. as always, layers are key.

years ago, I was in SF for a convention (in June!)and was so cold I went into the nearest Ross Dress for Less (which I had never heard of) and bought a sweater, which I wore whenever I was outdoors for the rest of the trip.

iamnot said...

We have offices in that area, but I haven't been able to wrangle a trip yet.
Still trying.

Lorraine said...

We're going to the Bay Area in June. I can't wait.