Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fun

I re-ran the readability gadget on my blog and got a high school level. So I stuck that little resulting sign over in the sidebar.

An exit before I was to get off the beltway this morning, a pair of cop cars got on. The traffic slowed from usual cruising speed of 70 or so to 61 or so. I hate that. Then one of the cop cars crossed all four lanes and pulled in behind me and I gracefully moved over to the next slower lane with all appropriate lane change indicators blinking. Since my exit was coming up, I just kept moving over and kept checking my mirrors. Usually the cops around here just speed up to 70+ (on a 55 mph road) and buzz by everyone. These two cars were still hanging back. I was still checking my mirrors. Then the lights came on. Uh-oh.

I got into work and spent one hour and fifty-two minutes on the phone with the help desk. I'm having printing issues. A banner page with our user ID on it is printed out with every document through our network. It wastes paper but it's helpful knowing whose printout belongs to whom. When I print something, one copy of something, everything works fine. When I specify to print out multiple copies of my document, only one copy prints. If I submit the job many times to get many copies, I get many banner pages. I hate that. It started happening when I got the new CPU back in February. When you're on the phone with the help desk, they remote to you so you don't have control of your machine, can't read blogs email while you're waiting for resolution. Nothing, but jump up to check how many copies printed with this setting or that. Not fun at all. I know, who said work was supposed to be fun, right? Nothing was resolved, the help ticket is still open and someone should be calling me. More fun.

And it's not even lunch time yet.


John said...

Sounds like a blast! (insert sarcasm here)

By the way, I tried the readability. Should I be proud that mine was elementary school level? I think I will regardless.

greeny said...

So are you saying you got a ticket from the cop?! Who were the lights for?

Anne said...

Noticed how I left that part out, huh?

I am ticket-free, I was well off the exit ramp by the time he went by.

AM Kingsfield said...

so you were in a police chase!

YoLinna said...

Mine's Elementary School. But you knew that, right? I think I'll be proud too....