Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

I found this gadget to determine the readability of your blog and ran my blog through it.

blog readability test

Not the high-brow result I expected or feel I deserve. A friend of mine, an English department chair at a local high school, told me these programs look for "big words" and words not oft-used. So I did an experiment.

I gave it the URL for yesterday's post as well as a post from a couple weeks ago, both having "big words" and got this [better] result:

blog readability test

OK, so what's your blog's reading level? Are you surprised? Did you think you were smarter? Or dumber?


iamnot said...

See, I'm an elementary school level blog and proud of it.
It just means I manage to convey my point without going over the heads of my poorly educated and backward readers.

Lorraine said...

Holy crap, I got "genius" first shot out of the box.

Then I laughed until I peed a little.

Anne said...

iamnot, who are you calling backward?

Rainey, lovely vision, thanks for sharing. You need to sit in the corner and think about exaggerating your intelligence. And peeing on the floor.

AM Kingsfield said...

Mine was jr. high too. I sometimes feel like I'm stuck in jr. high, so that seems to fit.

Anonymous said...

The junior high level is much preferred over the genius level. If one writes a blog that is only read by people with a genius reading ability, it means that the blog is beyond the enjoyment and understanding of the many people who might like to come there. If they stumble over cumbersome or unusual words, they will quickly move on to another blog.

Now, a blog at junior high level is something that can be enjoyed by all. This has nothing to do with whether one is smarter or dumber. It's all about the audience that one is writing for. Remember, reading and comprehension are not strong subjects in schools these days.

Mom said...

Mine is high school level. I've seen this on other blogs. It seems to me that if you use a lot of the words my mother said were bad words the level drops to elementary of kindergarten. Your blog is enjoyable reading so it must be just right.

greeny said...

I was elementary level only because they didn't have preschool as a possible level.
Laughing till I peed a little when I read Lorraine's comment...
Mom, so not only are my thoughts small but when I curse, I get points off as well? i thot it was just gramical areas i had to chang.

John said...

I'm with greeny. Elementary school here. By the time I get around to blogging I'm too tired to think of big words. Just little ones. That suits me better anyway.