Sunday, July 15, 2007

Interesting thing happened today when I gave my son a pair of swim goggles. He put them on.

For most of his life he's had issues with anything on his face, the most prevalent thing: water. Shampooing was a big problem for a long time. Within the last two years he's gotten over having water on his face and has started going under the water voluntarily. His swimming has gotten better, evident by his medal at the Special Olympics this past winter.

This afternoon the three of us were playing in the pool, my daughter and I are trying to teach my son how to do a handstand in the water. He puts his hands on the bottom, but can't get his feet straight up, keeping his knees bent. After a while he lost interest so I got out to get my daughter's goggles for her. I grabbed a second pair and handed them to my son just to see what he would do. Much to my surprise, he put them on and headed straight for the lap lane, (thank goodness there wasn't anyone already using it,) and he swam several laps, obviously very proud of the goggles on his face and of himself.


Bob-kat said...

That's great - good for him! I could never do handstands either but it's good that he got over his fear of water on his face.

Michele sent me to say hi. Well, I decided to come as we dropped by at the same time and I got skipped. no big deal though as I got to visit you :)

BreadBox said...

It has been interesting watching our little ones learn to swim this past week (and the lessons continue next week too): especially watching Skibo, our nearly-three-year-old lose his fear of putting his face in the water: he's had the same problem with shampoo, so I hope that that improves with this experience!

Michele sent me, or she would have if Bob-kat hadn't decided to be sent to. So I guess Bob-kat sent me:-)


Stephanie Davies said...

That is fantastic!! I'm so happy for both you and your son. My son recently got over his fear of water also by taking swimming lessons, but it doesn't sound nearly as difficult as it has been for you and your son. My hats off to both of you!

Michele sent me to thank you for sharing such a special moment in your life.

jsdaughter said...

How wonderful! What a great story :)
Michele sent me.

Carmi said...

That's so wonderful to hear. You've brought back amazingly fond memories of my lifeguard days. I coached our pool's Special Olympics team, and that stands out as one of my most incredible and memorable experiences throughout my aquatic career.

Oddly, I have a tough time with handstands, too. I think it's the bouyancy thing and how it all gets upset when your legs get hoisted out of the water. I'm so uncoordinated that way :)

Mom said...

That is great! I smiled at K this morning in church. He looked so handsome and tall and he was so well-behaved. He is learning so much. It makes me proud and I am only a distant observer. You are a great mom.

I don't know Michele. She did not send me.