Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fave Five

I'm just curious, how many times do you visit a blog before you blogroll them, if they are just a few clicks away?

Kate commented on my blog the other day. I sometimes wander over to her blog from Greeny's. The other day I wandered over and clicked on one of her 'rolled blogs, 25 Year Plan. He had been visited by Michele who does a blog of the day. A couple clicks later I found some new and interesting reads. Blogs I'd go back to, blogs worth going back to.

So, do I follow the chain of links every time I want to visit or just blogroll them myself? If you bring a new blog into your life, how long do you date this new read until you invite it to stay, as it were.

I don't want to list any old blog I've read once or twice. I guess I want to be careful about the fiends I pick. I kinda think your list of regularly read blogs reflects on you, or does it?

If a blog you like is just one click away, if it is listed on a tried-and-true friend's blog, do you need to list it yourself? What if that friend "breaks up" with that blog, no longer reads it and removes it from their list?

I've recently added VariantE to my list and 1000 Days at Sea is listed there, which I read sometimes. How many times do I visit before I list them, too?

Do you wait for them to add you before you'll add them?

Or, is having a long list of blog friends like a badge of honor? But wouldn't it be the other way round, having a lot of friends who list you, be the honor?

Who's in your fave five?


Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello....

You ask questions that I have been asking myself for quite some time. I imagine it is truly difficult to know when to blogroll someone, and yet, at other times it is known immediately that you do or do not want someone on your blogroll.

My blogroll is very different than most not only because of it's size, but because it reflects who participates in my blog, which is again different than most other blogs.

Although my blogroll does reflect the virtual me, it does not fully reflect who I am. Yes it is very long and each person on it also has me on their blogroll. I do not consider it a badge of honour. However, I do consider myself lucky to be linked by so many and how many of those are from people who have great blogs.

Thank you for your visit yesterday and have a glorious day.

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me!!!

Most of my blogroll includes knitting and quilting friends. And, I would be hard pressed to pick a top 5...and until recently I had a very small blogroll listing just those.

But, recently, I've found some blogs that aren't quilting or knitting related that I also enjoy. I usually add a blog immediately to my blogroll - so I don't lose it...and I will read it everyday that it is updated - and at least for a week or two - and if it continues to satisfy my needs by inspiring me, making me think, or expanding my life in someway I will keep reading that blog...if it ceases to meet those needs - then I take it off my blogroll.

I hope that makes sense...

Lorraine said...

I've definately got a top 5, but if I said who they were it might hurt feelings. Or not.

I do find that I take a few reads before committing to a blog via the blogroll. Partly because if someone is a good blogger but doesn't update very often I usually lose interest. There are too many good blogs out there. And also 'cuz I feel like a blog link is a little like recommending a book to a friend. (Even though I also know that there are some people who read me that might not like all my blog buddies because they use language or whatever).

On the other hand, my blogroll really functions mostly as a way to make life easy for myself. I want to be one easy click away from the blogs I read most often.

That said, I'm always a little wary if someone has a really long blogroll. Like, are they really reading all those or just linking to get more hits?

And I'd totally be lying if I said that I didn't consider it a badge of honor to be linked. Of course it is. It's nice when someone likes your stuff enough to do that. But I also don't feel like it's a requirement for a good blog experience.

Geez, who put a nickel in me today?

YoLinna said...

Ummm. I'm embarassed to say....what's a blogroll? I'm guessing it's like xanga where you can subscribe to members??? I've never seen that on blogger. Do they have blogrings too--where you belong to a group of people with similar interests? Guess I better pay more attention..

Anne said...

Yolinna, a blogroll is a list of blogs you visit regularly and have listed on your blog for easy access.

carli said...

Eh, I started a blogroll, then I stopped at like, 5 people. I don't update it. If there's a blog I like, I can usually find it via Michele's (who says hi, by the way), or someone else's blogroll. Or just by memory.

When someone blogrolls me, though, out of genuine interest for my blog, I do consider it sort of a little honor.

Michele sent me. Welcome to the game.

BreadBox said...

I'm visiting from Michele's --- welcome to her comment game!

My blog roll is a list of blogs I read regularly, but more than that, a list of blogs I like to tell the rest of the world about. The blogs folder in my bookmarks is much bigger -- these are the ones that I look at, grouped by type, and includes several that I wouldn't necessarily recommend to others. I am gradually adding other blogs to my blogroll (I've only been blogging for a month or two), but I like to add slowly... I like to conclude over a decent period of time that this is a blog I'd like to share.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I visit those on my list who have a new post through my Reader then visit other new ones.

Michele sent me.