Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kitchen Renovation Week 2

Last week the cabinets came out and the floor was finished. Now the new cabinets are in and the new lighting has been installed. The guys removed the old bulkhead and replaced it with a shorter one so the cabinets are about 2 inches higher. They removed part of the wall next to the fridge so it will fit. They will finish that later in the week.

The backsplash tile has been ordered and the cabinet door knobs have been purchased. I have to remember to call the painter and get on his schedule. The countertops were templated yesterday and I should have a working kitchen next week when the new tops are installed. These will be the longest three weeks in my life. I hate washing dishes in the bathtub.


MarkEC said...

Looking good.... can't wait to see the final result. (Guessing you can't wait either!)

Miz UV said...

Hello, Michele sent me. Congrats on your new kitchen!

McIrish Annie said...

Anne, I did the kitchen remodel 10 years ago, I'm still recovering from the trauma! It's a big job but worth it. Yours looks spiffy!

thanks for visiting my humble blog! btw, i'm a quilter too!

AM Kingsfield said...

Three weeks.
Isn't her optimism cute?

BreadBox said...

Hey! I recognise your kitchen! You look like you have an almost identical stove (gas, I approve!) fridge (though you have a few more buttons than we do) and are those KraftMaid Mission style cabinets in Cherry that I see?
Tell me that you are getting granite countertops in UbaTuba too....
And ignore the pessimists: our optimism was only barely misplaced two years ago: it took a few days longer than we expected at this stage, but only a three or four.
And the sink only fell out once:-)

Thanks for visiting the Breadbox yesterday!

Lorraine said...

It's going to be so worth it when it's all done!

Ok, and my word verification thing was "eockfop". I think I'm going to start using that as a word.

greeny said...

Stay optimistic. I want to believe it can happen too!

I have many re-dos and just got ideas for what my kitchen should have. Not nearly so intensive as your re-do but I have to do it myself so...yeah, it WILL be intensive.

Sorry I haven't sent those veggies. I haven't forgotten-in fact in the middle of the night I woke up and worried what kind of bad blogger buddy I am for not keeping my word. I then tried to figure out how to send my canned-in-glass-jars produce as an alternative to fresh. Still working on that one.
Maybe I'lll just send you my first born.

And my word vaerification was ajrkl