Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm a bit overwhelmed about the kitchen right now, and I need to vent. I hate being overwhelmed. The cabinets are sitting on the back porch, in huge massive boxes. Waiting to be installed. Haunting me, mocking me.

B, my builder has been on vacation this week, so I've been unable to contact him to discuss the procedures. I'd opted to save $12k by going with him, rather than a independant contracting company, but that meant I'm doing my own general contracting, coordinating all the pieces to this puzzle. All those project management classes I took last year should be coming in handy.

The tile on the kitchen floor was put down two years ago and sometime later it developed a crack that runs the width of the cooking area, right over a joint of subflooring. So, I'd like that fixed. And the best time to have it fixed is when the base cabinets are removed. However, I need to coordinate the tile company's availability with B so they can work together, and B is on vacation. Furthermore, I'm having quartz counters put in. Can the floor structure handle the extra weight if it cracks under normal walking? B will have to put supports in the ceiling downstairs, but he doesn't know that, because he's on vacation this week.

I picked the backsplash tile. It's a beautiful blue mottled pattern. I look at other choices and keep coming back to this blue. So, if I'm so stuck on this blue, I need to pick my countertop color accordingly, but I don't have all the samples form all my available choices, just pictures on the web. I want to be happy with the countertop for a long time. I've made color choices in the past on other things (permanent things, like bathroom tile and floor tile) that I regret, and I don't want to do that again. I want to make sure the countertop goes with the backsplash, and the cabinet color, and the color doesn't overwhelm the room, make it too dated, trendy, or institutional looking.

I need to pick out, order and buy a sink, a faucet, instant hot water dispenser, and under cabinet lighting, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a thing or two, oh, like the knobs (how many and I going to need?). I'd really like a new fridge and a new over-the-stove microwave, too.

And during all of this, the construction time, the time when we have no sink, or cabinets, or counter space, for who knows how long, I'll need to live in my house. With my family. And eat decent meals. Sheesh.

Overwhelmed, just a bit. Thanks for letting me vent.


Mom said...

Bless your little heart.

John said...

Take a deep breath and count to 10...or maybe 1000. Sometimes it takes longer. Actually, sometimes it takes valium.

YoLinna said...

Been there, I will send you lots and lots of strength and energy! My Dad, who is a builder, did our kitchen years ago. Being family, we were last on the to do list. Whatever you do, don't try and wash the dishes in the tub!

AM Kingsfield said...

I remember worrying that my counters and floor would clash, or the wood was too light for the counters, or the knobs too whimsical. So many decisions!

You won't regret upgrading.

just me said...

this is one reason I will never do a major renovation. maybe reface the cabinets and re-do the countertops, but that's about all I can stand.

Anne said...

Mom, thanks.
John, got any to share?
Yolinna, are you speaking from experience?
AM, thanks, I've coveted your kitchen for years.
JustMe, I couldn't just reface the cabinets, they are falling apart, those cheap builder's grade pieces of trash.

just me said...

I know they aren't the best cabinets - but aside from one drawer, mine are holding up okay. I lived thru a major kitchen renovation as a kid and I still shudder at the memory of eating food cooked on a plug-in burner at the dining room table - with all the construction dust. ugh!

Lisa said...

I probably overpaid, but I went on my honeymoon and came home to a fully gutted and remodeled kitchen. I went with honey cabs, black-marble pattern counters, brick-reddish walls, and a sandy beigy tile backsplash on the diag. I went with a wood floor which I wasn't sure about but it's worked out really well,and matches the rest of the floors on that level. Good luck.