Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ever have one of those weeks?

You just don't feel in top shape,
you're still feeling sluggish from having eaten too much party food from the weekend and the scale still reads several pounds up,
you're able to sneak in a rare nap, and you still feel tired and try to go to bed early,
you think about making an appointment at your doctors office,
you hardly laugh during a comedy on TV,
you make it through a day of work but you're not sure how,
then you go to the bathroom and when you turn to flush you notice the liquid in the bowl is not the usual color, but is now twinged brightly with pink, and you're really panicking now, should I go straight to the emergency room, make arrangements myself with the funeral home,
then you remember you had beets for dinner last night?


AM Kingsfield said...

yes I have, well, except for the part about the beets.

Lorraine said...

There is A LOT of that going around Blogopia this week. Glad to know it's not just me!

BreadBox said...

I was reading this entry with the bottom few lines obscured by the screen. And scrolled down. And I'm now covered in gin and tonic.

Love the story.

Michele told me to come here to make sure that you weren't skipped tonight!


greeny said...

It was funny the first time I read it but now that I have 6 Michelobs in me it's even funnier.