Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday I cut out of work early to take Kevin to the eye doctor. His neurologist thought she saw his left eye wandering during her recent exam and wanted an ophthalmologist to check him out. I prepped him ahead of time by telling him he was going to the eye doctor and he'd have to read letters for her.

Just like at my eye doctor's office, he was seen first by the fellow, the doctor doing a fellowship or rotation in that department, whom I dub "the understudy," then by the regular doctor. Kevin did fine reading all the letters and she found his eyes to be normal, not wandering. When it came time for the dilating drops the understudy said they would take 40 minutes to work at which point I told her my eyes are very sensitive and dilate very quickly and he's probably like me in that regard since we have the same color eyes. So she used the weakest drops they had, the ones for preemies, and was surprised 15 minutes later his eyes were ready. Rookies. Sheesh.

She then did the part of the exam where she looks into his eyes with bright lights and a big magnifying lens. I know I hate that part, I was afraid for The Boy, the light always hurts, but Kevin did great. The regular doctor looked at him next and repeated some of the exam to verify results. Everything is fine, good vision, good pressures, no problems. And no issues with Kevin balking at the exam. I was relieved all the way round.


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That's great!
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