Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm sitting in a classroom in Rockville, MD class now waiting for the lecture to start. The rest of the class is finishing up an exercise my class partner and I finished yesterday. I brought my laptop in because they have wireless here and I haven't checked my work email in a couple days.

The class is good, it's CSS, and I'm learning a lot which I'll be able to apply right away when I get back to work next week. If I don't forget it all over the weekend.

My class/lab partner is a hoot. We're getting along swimmingly, we get each other's humor and she and I are equally matched in programming skills so we fly though the exercises.

I'd hate to have to work in this neighborhood. The commute is so variable. Wednesday it took me an hour and 20 minutes to get here, yesterday it took an hour and today there were two accidents on the top-side of the beltway so I took a back way with lots of traffic lights and still got here in about an hour.

Anyway, back to class.



just me said...

you couldn't pay me enough to commute to Rockville every day! Downtown is much better... at least I can take Metro.

Maddy said...

A programming class would be the death of me and no mistake. There again even if I survived the course the commute would write me off completely.

John said...

I spent many many days in class in Rockville since that's where I went to school from 8th grade on. I also spent many many days skipping said classes. Maybe that's why I graduated so close to the bottom of my class.