Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dynamic Duo

My favorite Scottish duo played the RamsHead in Annapolis last night and I had a front-row seat. Actually table 103, they don't have rows.

I always enjoy seeing The Proclaimers and last night they did not disappoint. They only played an hour but managed to get a lot of good stuff into those 60 minutes.

Here's the set list: (with some youtube video links so you can relive the concert right along with me)
Letter From America
In Recognition
I'm On My Way
Throw the 'R' Away
Life With You*one of my favorite songs
Love Can Move Mountains *from the new album being released in August
Misty Blue
Notes & Rhymes*from the new album being released in August
Cap in Hand
Role Model
Sing All the Cares Away *from the new album being released in August
Burn Your Playhouse Down
Let's Get Married *one of my favorite songs
Sunshine on Leith
Sky Takes the Soul
King of the Road
500 Miles

Please vote for your favorite video in the comments section!


Lorraine said...

I always have loved "500 Miles". So glad you got to see them again.

Maddy said...

Ooo they're my favourite too! Although I've never seen them play in the flesh. Note to self= refresh ipod.