Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, I get this email the other day:


You're one of 250 people selected to host a Top Chef Masters Premiere B-Hive Party on Wednesday, June 10th!

Once you accept the host duties, you should receive your exclusive Top Chef Masters Premiere B-Hive Pack before the premiere.

Here's what you need to do to get ready for the big night:
  • Accept Host Duties: In order to claim your prize you must review and accept the Top Chef Masters B-Hive Host Duties by no later than May 23.
  • Recruit Your Foodie Friends: Invite at least 5 friends to come over to your place to watch the premiere of BRAVO'S newest competition reality show, Top Chef Masters, on Wednesday, June 10 @ 10/9c using our special online invitation, available May 27.
  • Use Your Plastic: What's a party without snacks and drinks, especially since they're on us? To be a true tastemaker, treat your guests to Stacy's® Pita Chips included in the Top Chef Masters Premiere B-Hive Pack and use the $25 gift card for additional goodies.
  • Set the Scene: You'll get a box full of exclusive items to help you make sure you and your friends are fully prepared for the kitchen competition, including Top Chef Masters T-shirts, chip bowl and drink pitcher, as well as napkins to clean up any messes.
  • Pop Some Pics: During your B-Hive Party, take digital pictures of your foodie friends as they chow down, enjoy the Top Chef Masters swag and tune in to the premiere. Make sure your B-Hive Party really buzzes by sending texts to and chatting with your friends online during the show. Then on Thursday, June 11, upload your photos to the B-Hive area on - You'll automatically be entered to win another $50 gift card.
  • Enter the Exclusive B-Hive Sweeps: While you're there, you can also enter for your chance to win a guest appearance by Carla, one of the finalists from Top Chef: New York, at your finale B-Hive Party, since you're definitely going to want to keep the buzz going every week until the Top Chef Master has been named. Anyone can enter once per week until August 5th so tell your friends!

We're certain that you and your fellow food-lovers will have a fabulous time at your party and will be hooked on BRAVO'S newest competition reality show, Top Chef Masters! Be sure to tell everyone what you'll be watching on Wednesday, June 10 @ 10/9c so they can watch what happens, too!

Your friends at BRAVO

So, I'm thinking: a) Hey! I won something! WooWhoo! b) If you already know where I live, come on over. However, you absolutely have to be out of the house the second it's over, it'll be past my bed time on a school night. c) But, 10pm is late, maybe I should have a fake viewing party ahead of time at a reasonable hour so I'll have pictures to upload and I don't eat all the chips by myself.

RSVP in the comments.

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just me said...

sorry, I'm not adding another thing to my June calendar. it's already chock-full.