Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Miss Manners for $100

Did someone change the rules?

Didn't it used to be you sent out a wedding invitation six weeks before the big event? This week we got an invitation in the mail for an October wedding. I received an invitation back in February for a May wedding. We got a "save the date" email for a November wedding in January! What happened? Why so far in advance? When did the rules change?



just me said...

I've known people to send invites as far as 8 weeks in advance - but never more than that.

The "save the date" card has become far more common in recent years, especially when many guests will be attending from out of town and need to make airline reservations, etc. I've received these anywhere from 6 mos to a year in advance.

How bout this one? The opposite extreme. We just got a save the date card for a wedding in - get ready - Cartagena, Colombia on August 29! And DH is not officiating - so we will NOT be going. We don't even know this couple, we just know the groom's parents.

Dant said...

Why any "rules" at all? Send the invitations when you have time. Its time to dismantle the Wedding Industrial complex.

Kathy said...

We were invited to a wedding via e-vite.