Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

Well, I'm really rounding-up a lot more than the weekend, it's been a long time since I've been able to sit down at a computer and blog. I've been away from the office, too.

At the crack of dawn on Thursday I took the Acela to New York with a colleague to do some usability testing on a new instrument for work. After the last interview, I headed to SoHo for an appointment with Lina for a new haircut. I needed to get the mess fixed from the last cut I got. The new do is fab. I guess I'm too old to talk like that. The new haircut is great, especially a day later after all the stylin' was washed out. When I went to pay I was told my bill was five-twenty. $520? I don't even pay Nick, the owner, near that much. I say out loud "$5.20?" After a consultation with another clerk I was charged the proper amount.

I headed uptown to Times Square to the TKTS booth to meet my colleague to pick out a show to see. Whilst considering our choices, a man with two tickets ($76/seat) to August: Osage County offered them to us for $50 total. The show is pretty new, we'd never heard of it, but this man "swears" it'll win the Tony next month. (He was dumping the tickets because of a Rangers' game, or so he says.) Anyway, we took them and enjoyed the drama, although it was over three hours long and we didn't get back to the hotel until almost midnight.

Friday: another interview for work and lunch and the train home. Friday night, Kevin had more swim team practice, he has a meet on Sunday, and I spent the time cutting fabric for another quilt I'm working on. Yes, another quilt. No, I never finish anything, just start, start, start.... It's called ADD, thank you.

Saturday I took Kevin to his activity and went over to the Honda dealership to look at the Fit. I'm very tired of the 20 mpg my van gets, so I'm dreaming of a more efficient car. The Fit is a compact station wagon, the trunk holds at least two bags of golf clubs and a couple suitcases, that and cruise control, what else do I need?

In the afternoon, I fired up the newly tuned-up lawn tractor and mowed the front yard. I dumped all the clippings around the trees instead of bagging them. It's a lot easier, but I still get stuff all over me. And in my hair.

Sunday after church I mowed the back yard. As I circled back around for another lap I noticed gobs of bunny fluff. At first I thought I hit a rabbit, but then I couldn't remember actually hitting it. And, there was no blood on the fluff. Alas, I'd uncovered a nest. The babies are about 3 inches long with brown fur and long skinny legs. I tried to be careful not to touch the area so the mom would come back and take care of the young'uns. I tried to take pictures of the critters, but I just got blurry fur. They sure do move around a lot. I showed Fern later and she thinks there are about seven future flower eaters in the nest. My words, not hers.

I wanted to get the Living room and sewing room vacuumed, that meant I had to pick up and put away the erector set that Kevin had so graciously placed dumped all over the room. I cannot just scoop and dump, I have to put every part away in the proper compartment, every little nut, every bolt, everything. (Again with the ADD/OCD!) This, of course is the slow way and Kevin comes down stairs to check on me before I'm finished. Oh well, all this work for naught. i prepare myself for the undoing of my work. But it doesn't come. He doesn't get upset I'm cleaning. I'm floored. I'm so floored, I'm still trying to get up. I'm seeing a tremendous change in maturity in him, with this incident and the legos on his bedroom floor last week, I'm just amazed. He is even doing his homework with out balking, Dan says he sought it out earlier today to do. Oh, and he is 70" tall, now. Last Tuesday, Dan and I met with his teacher for his annual IEP meeting. She, too, has noticed great changes in him. Who is this child and what has he done with my son?

Monday I played golf, already wrote about that. Today and the most of the rest of the week, I'll be in a pre-retirement class. More time away from my computer, another thing to keep me from blogging. Darn.

Here are some quilt blocks I've done with the fabric I cut on Friday night. What do you think? So far I have 63 blocks done and 36 to go, but I'm kinda tired of it so I'm taking a break.


John said...

Were they serious about wanting $520 for a haircut?! It was NYC after all.

Congrats on the growth of Kevin. Always a good thing to see. I'm still waiting for some of mine to grow up. Hope they don't see this.

Your quilting reminds me of why I start very little. I hate not finishing something and I have very little time to finish things so I very seldom start things. Oh well.

just me said...

I agree with John. I think that's why I never developed a crafty hobby.

greeny said...

I'm with John too. I usd to be naieve and think I could start anything and get it finished. I know better now...

I almost swallowed my teeth about the $. Was it really that expensive (she asked nosily)?

Quilt pieces are really nice. love the pattern.

Encouraging about Kevin. I am putting myself in your place.

greeny said...

Blah! Naive.

Anne said...

The going rate for Nick, the owner and TV star, is $500. His wife charges far less than that, but somehow the computer didn't have her correct fee at first. I got it straitened out, otherwise I would have given them $5.20.

Firefly Nights said...

Never heard of a Honda Fit but looked it up and it gets great gas mileage. Is it big enough to hold someone the size of your brother comfortably?

AM Kingsfield said...

Gorgeous quilt pieces! Great haircut too btw - even after 18 holes in a visor!

Anne said...

FFN- I didn't put the seat all the way back to check out space for FW or my dad, but I had plenty of room while I was driving. Then I sat in the back seat to see if there was enough room for Kevin behind the driver and there seemed to be.

AM - Thanks.

Lorraine said...

I'm sorry...do we not get a piccy of the new do?

Anonymous said...

The Honda Fit is fabulous! I love mine!

Anonymous said...

oops, that was Kathy from Bee bragging about the Honda Fit.