Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Round-up

Today I played hooky from work.

Can you guess where I was?

Dan and I joined AM and Mark as a team for a charity golf tournament. I had two for the highlight reel, I think it'll be on ESPN later. Maybe not. The first one was a long putt for birdie, then I had the longest drive for women, beating out the woman who usually wins by at least 20 yards. The prize was $50. I didn't even realize it was the hole for the contest until after I teed off. I would have totally choked it I had known. It was a beautiful shot, right down the middle of the fairway. It's shots like these that keep you coming back for more, because the rest of the holes were disappointing by comparison.

I'll round up the weekend later, remind me to tell you about The Boy. But now I need to get some aloe on my sunburn.


AM Kingsfield said...

I had fun on my first ever 18 holes with you. It was fun for you to win!

just me said...

Congratulations - what a nice way to spend a Monday.

off-topic: do you need some mulch for your yard? I over-ordered from the boy scouts and have about 10 bags left over. Let me know. (AM, that offer goes for you too if you want it - first come, first served.)

iamnot said...

Golf...a good walk, spoiled.

I built our house on the 17th tee so my boys could learn to cuss from strangers.

greeny said...

Haha, Iamnot, you are in great form lately, leaving comments all over that are cracking me up.
Yes, golf and sewing helped me round out all my four letter words...
But if I could just drive the cart, I would be in. I am so not competitive...
I need mulch..

Anne said...

I'm in for mulch!

People are very tired by the time they get to 17. What course?

just me said...

Re mulch - just give me a call or stop by. Tomorrow or Thurs evening would be best.

MarkEC said...

It was great getting out with you and Dan... have to do that again sometime! :-)

Nice job on the longest drive! I know I had the shortest drive (negative yards) but they don't give prizes for that!