Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend Round-Up

I guess it's time to round-up yet another weekend.

Today I got in to work late because the courtesy van didn't pick me up until almost 9:00 when I asked to be picked up at 8:00. The Toyota is in the shop for general maintenance, you know, all that stuff that you're supposed to be doing all along but haven't, which includes a new clutch. We dropped it off Sunday night and by 3:00 yesterday afternoon I still hadn't heard what the status was. I didn't hear back until after 6:00 what was wrong and how long it's going to take to fix, and how much it was going to cost. Two days and many car payments-worth. They'll give me a complementary loaner, but I'll have to pick it up on Tuesday because the rental counter closes at, you guessed it, 6 pm. Sheesh.

I teleworked yesterday since we only had one car. I actually got a lot done. I had a report to do I'd been putting off. Weird part was, I was comfy-cozy at home and didn't even do the blog thing. I feel like I'm shut off from the world sometime when I don't read my blogs.

Sunday Dan was under the weather so Kevin and I went to church, and later we went with my neighbor to the fabric store. Much to our pleasure, mine and my neighbor's, not Kevin's, they had a unannounced sale, fabric was 30% off. I didn't go too crazy, I just got four pieces. One was a planned purchase, three were spontaneous selections.

It's that season, end of the school year, when I'm getting a lot of Girl Scout vests to work on. Moms are trying to get their daughters' vests caught up before the end-of-the-year awards ceremonies.

To sew badges on, I use clear thread, large needle, and a zig-zag sewing foot, not the the same gear as with quilt making. Two weeks ago I sewed like crazy on the new red quilt and finished 2/3 of my blocks, but got tired of them and welcomed the break of the badge work. But the vests kept coming and my quilt project kept calling me back. Over the weekend I switched out the badge sewing gear for the quilting gear and finished the last 36 blocks last night. Now I can start laying them out to sew together. But in the mean time, it's back to vests. I've got two Brownie vests in the queue. I've already gotten about 20 new clients since January so I can't complain, I am getting paid.

Kevin had another Special Olympic swim meet on Saturday, this one up north of Frederick, MD. I volunteered to help when I got there because it wold have been a long boring day if I had nothing to do. Kevin swam in three events: 25 free, 20 free, and 25 back stroke; and got a third, second, and first, respectively.

I took a new camera with me to the meet. It's not a new camera, just new to me. A friend just bought a Nikon D3 and I'm playing with his old Nikon D50. When you carry a big camera around, you get asked to photograph things you hadn't planned on. (Iamnot posted about this very thing sometime last year.) I'm not really happy with all the photos, I didn't expect a learning curve, there is one, but here are the better shots.

Kevin ready to swim

Finishing the race

Kevin getting his second place ribbon.

Waiting to Swim

Just after the swim

Look Ma!

These two were my attempts at capturing the beauty of the raindrops on the wild grape vines. I'm getting tired of this rain, by the way. Which photo is better?

With flash

Without flash


just me said...

Some very nice photos - I like the raindrops without the flash better than with.

The rain is getting on my nerves too. Hubby's softball team has been rained out more than half its games so far this season!

Hopefully it will actually stop raining long enough for you to pick up the mulch this weekend :)

Good luck with the car - maybe it's time for a new one after all?

greeny said...

car problems and repairs irritate me very much.
I wish we had a courtesy van and then I'd just be calling it for several weeks until somebody caught on I was using them for their gas.
Yay! for Kevin. What a sportsman!

greeny said...

And I meant to tell you everytime you talk about GS badges, I think of the ones I got and how exciting working for them and receiveing them was. It was a good time in my life..

Mom said...

I love the picture of Kevin finishing the race.

rashbre said...

I think the 'without' looks better and also gives depth of field rather well. Some photographers agonize how to get that nice out of focus background!

greeny said...

Definitely I like the photo with no flash.