Thursday, May 22, 2008

One of those days

My mind's going crazy.

Why this time?

I'm trying to retrace my steps and figure out what I did with my work ID badge. Can't leave home without it.

Well, apparently, I did. I couldn't find it this morning so I had to get a temporary badge today. Which is a pain because I have to stop at the guard's booth first, then go to the badging office to get one to use for the day.

Yesterday I left work. I had it then, I used it at the badge reader to get out of the building.

I went to my massage therapy appointment and I'm pretty sure it was still clipped to my pocket when I left.

I took money to Fern so she could have a snack during tutoring.

I got gas in the rental car.

I went to the dealership to turn in the rental and pick up the Toyota. I could have bought two HD LCD TV's for what the repairs cost. But hey! They gave me a new battery, yes, GAVE. I guess I can't be too mad at them for the other lapses in customer service. Did I tell you they wanted $40 to install two light bulbs? sheesh. Granted, changing an auto light bulb is a smidge more difficult than changing your garden variety household incandescent bulb, but not $40 more difficult. I'm pretty sure I had my ID badge there and hadn't left it in the rental.

I went back to the gas station to put gas in the Toyota.

I went home to wait for Kevin to come home from swim team practice.

I went to pick up Fern from tutoring and took her to softball practice, but it had started raining so it was canceled. Today is the HSA test, the High School Assessment in algebra. I hope all the tutoring "takes" and she does well and she doesn't have to take the class over again. She'll be bored out of her skull if she has to repeat the class. So bored, she probably won't turn in any assignments and get low grades again. sheesh.

I went to the grocery store to buy an EZpass.

I drove home. This is where my mind gets fuzzy. I think I still had my badge on my pocket and told myself to take it off, I didn't need it at home. But did I? Did I take it off? Where did I put it? I normally drive the van, but Dan had been driving it this week while I took care of the repairs on the other car, so at that point I couldn't have put my badge back in the van where I usually keep it because Dan had the van at golf league.

I did some Girl Scout badge sewing and talked to a new client. Her daughter is in a troop in a different service unit from the troops I've been sewing for, which means the mom will spread the word about my service and I'll potentially have more clients from the troops there. My ID never came into question.

So this morning, it's not in my bag, nor in my jacket pocket. It's not clipped to yesterday's clothes pocket. It's not visible on the kitchen counter. Not on the bathroom counter, not on the bed-side table. Not on the sewing table. I'm going nuts, I tell you.

Where did I put the silly thing, the ID with the horrid picture of me?


just me said...

sorry you can't find your badge - what a pain! Can it be replaced if necessary, or is that a lot of red tape?

re HSA - here's what I told E (who took the bio HSA this week) - those tests are designed so average kids can pass - and we know you're way above average, so don't sweat it.

I still think pushing 7th-graders to take algebra AND high-school spanish is a bit much.

Firefly Nights said...

Your brother dropped my insurance card in a CVS parking lot not long ago and I didn't even know it happened until I found the phone message from the drug store.

Glad you finally found the ID badge. He could probably play "can you top this" with the number of things he's misplaced . . . wallet, keys, cell phone(s), check book.

Not really complaining about it. It's just a fact and it will happen again. And again.