Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, Not Again!

On the packing list for spring break is the Nintendo DS we got Kevin for Christmas. The plan was to take it with us to keep The Boy occupied on long stretches of travel.

We can't find it anywhere. Kevin was playing with it a week or two ago and probably put it "away" to hide it from Fern and me, we both love to play too. I'm pretty sure the charge was running low and instead of bringing it back to plug in, he might have stashed it somewhere "safe." You've heard me whine about lost things before (like here and here). I hate it.

I've scoured the living room where I'd seen it last. I've looked in his room where he puts his iPod when he's done listening or it's run out of juice, under his bed, under the couch cushions, even his underwear drawer. Everywhere.

We have less than two days to get our things together and packed. I'm racking my brain: what else can we pack for Kevin's travel bag and where can that darn DS be?


greeny said...

I know this is not quite on the same level as the DS but Erin misplaced her $50 for the BETA convention this morning and we spent 30 minutes retracing her steps. All the time it was in her pj pocket. Needless to say we were late.
Hope you find the DS and aren't late for Spring Break.

Anne said...

Thanks! Kevin doesn't have PJ pockets, but it's a good idea anyway.

Lorraine said...

Ah geez. We're looking for The Child's cell phone in similar fashion.

Good luck.