Monday, March 17, 2008

Travel Log Part 1

Bled, Slovenia 16 March 2008

Forty-three bags were left in Madrid instead of going on to Venice with their people. About half the España Balonmano (Handball Spain) team, what looked to be a large group of mostly teen-aged boys, were left standing at the carousel looking forlorn without their bags, about half of our family was without our belongings as well. Luckily, there was no line, so I hopped over to the lost luggage desk quickly to report our "red 22" (pick the style from this chart, please) bag was missing. The clerk confirmed it was still in Madrid and would be sent on the later flight this evening. I gave her our hotel address and we should have the suitcase tomorrow, fingers crossed. We met our tour guide and boarded our bus and rode about three hours from Venice. The Venice-Slovenia border is now open, as of January 1st this year, but we will have to go through border control when we go to Croatia on Wednesday.

On the flight over, which departed at 10:00 p.m, we were served dinner at 12:30 and breakfast a few hours later. I wasn't hungry but ate anyway because we didn't know about the food situation for the rest of the day.

When we arrived in Madrid, we went through "borders" and tried to find out what gate to go to. It wasn't on the board of departures. So, of course, we didn't know what terminal to go to but all EU flights were in one building, so we found our way.

We made it to our hotel at about 8:00 pm and had dinner. I'll write more later when I have time.


greeny said...

You're in my thoughts in a good way and sending my "luggage intact" vibes. Have a fab time! CAn't wait for more.

AM Kingsfield said...

Lost luggage can create interesting souvenirs!

julie said...

I can't go anywhere without losing my luggage. About a year ago I went to Mexico and I called Ann to let her know that I was home and she immediately said, "I no have your luggage." So funny. I lost my luggage when Ann and I went to Playa del Carmen and they woke us up at about 3am to leave a note on our door that said they didn't have any more information about my luggage. It did eventually come and that was wonderful.