Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Roundup

There's not a lot to round up from this weekend, blogger was misbehaving, my daughter was, well, shall we say, being a new "teenager."

If I had to recap my weekend in one word, it'd have to be laundry.

Our laundry room is a small space off the second floor hallway. The washer and dryer face each other with a space in between where we dump our clothes to be washed. I'm proud to say I got all the way down to the floor. I even used a hanger to dig out all the escaping socks from underneath the washer. Usually when I do laundry I start at the top of the pile and pick out all the clothes I can find of the selected color family, do a load, then pick off the next major color category, jeans, khakis, reds, etc. A couple loads every weekend usually keeps the family going. The little items usually slip to the bottom as I pick out each load and it might be a month or more before I get around to doing my "favorite" load: the dark socks. Everybody's got'm, my dress socks, my husband's dress socks, my daughter's skate socks. Fun indeed.

I keep the utility laundry behind the bedroom door, towels and sheets, the big stuff. I only did one load of utility wash this weekend and I probably will get another load in tonight while I'm still in the mood to get it done. Now if these people would stop taking showers and wearing clothes, there wouldn't be laundry to do.

But, on a happier note, we have less that a week to go before spring break. Dan's posted a map of our trip on his blog, please stop by to see it. I won't be redundant and post the same thing here.


iamnot said...

It takes 6 loads every weekend for me...more if I get motivated and change the sheets. (I know, yuk when I don't.)
I'm hearing more and more tean crap from my 12 year old too. He's unlikely to live to 15.

just me said...

I think with the teen thing you just have to pick your battles and know when to let stuff slide. I agree that 57.5 in Spanish is not one to let slide, but there are plenty of things you can just ignore. Also, as I have discovered in my almost-2-years' experience with a teen girl, there get to be more and more times when they "just vant to be alone."

btw, I cannot understand why they push 7th-graders to take Spanish. So they finish their foreign lang requirement by 10th grade, then what? There are only so many decent electives. (Unless they are like me and end up taking Spanish thru 12th grade regardless.)

Lorraine said...

Laundry. You had to bring that up.

Someone told me that when pre-teen girls are horrible it actually gets it out of their system and they are better behaved as teenagers. The Child was horrible at 12. I'll let you know if the theory holds.

Anne said...

Iamnot, I hear ya.

JM, I know, 57.5, not slidable. Not eating, not slidable. I wish all her teachers called me about stuff like this.

Lorraine, sorry I brought it up, but I did and I got it done. Don't ask if it's all put away.

Mom said...

Well done on finding the laundry room floor!
Welcome to the most wonderful time in motherhood. You are a good mom. Just take a deep breath, pray hard and do the best you can

VE said...

I'm right there with you on the homework thing. My daughter finally broke down and fessed up to being behind on some things. She was lucky in that we could make it up and prepare her for her upcoming exams. They sure stress over communicating at this age!

John said...

You're trip looks interesting to say the least. And my parenting style. When they turn three, put them in a barrel with a hole in the side and feed them through the hole. When they turn 18, plug the hole.

Anne said...

Mom, thanks. that's it, just thanks.

VE, why do they do that to us?

John, can you bring a barrel my way when your through here next? Thanks.

just me said...

Good luck getting any communication from that particular middle school. The good news is that in hs, all teachers are on, and you can access any time.

Off topic but important - our neighbor Lou's dad passed away. They will be having a brief service in their home Wed 8 pm and Thu 7:30 pm. I will be there Wed, AM will try to go Thu. Just thought you'd want to know.

greeny said...

Cracking up at John's commnet, as usual.

It wouldn't be my house if my washer or dryer weren't running. I found it necessary to enlist help from the slaves- I mean, kids.
Oh, who am I kidding- I don 99% of it.
They have to put their's away, though (gruff voice and scowl).