Thursday, March 27, 2008

It didn't last long

The nice thing about traveling to Europe is when you get back your body is nice and tired at the end of the day, you sleep quite well.

At least for me that's true.

As for my son, not so much. He was back to his old tricks of staying up far too late and making a lot of noise when he takes his shower. To discourage this, I try to disable the Internet at 10 to guide the children towards bed at a reasonable hour and prevent after-hours Internet usage. However, given The Boy didn't get take his shower until after midnight, (I wondered what he had been up to, shouldn't he be tired?) and this morning when I came back from my walk the Internet was already on, I have a mystery to solve: Who dunnit?


  1. The Girl turned it back on after I went to bed and surfed the web on the laptop far past her curfew, thus allowing her brother Internet access at the same time.
  2. The Boy figured out how to turn it back on on his own and and played much too long into the night.
  3. I have recently acquired the skill of sleepwalking and turned it on.
  4. Dan did it.
I don't have any evidence for these last two to be likely, but I thought I'd list them anyway.

The bottom line is I need to find a more effective way of controlling my children's addictions. I mean, disabling the Internet.

Photo of the Day

Pula, Croatia
2000 year-old Roman Amphitheater, sixth largest of its kind still standing.


just me said...

can you set a password so they can't even turn the computer on without permission?

AM Kingsfield said...

Cool picture. I thought the only colesium was in Rome. I'm glad some "ancient" things are still standing. I wonder what we've built that will still be standing in another 2K?