Saturday, January 19, 2008


I hate when things are missing.

I've been listening to The Proclaimers on my iPod recently, a Scottish rock/pop duo. They are twins who have great harmonies, fabulous vocals, jangly guitars, and write fun lyrics. You might know I Wanna Be (500 miles). Most of the songs fall into a couple categories: love songs (Let's get married, I love ya and I wanna stay with ya/ have kids and grow gray with ya/ hold hands when we walk in the park/ oh, alright, you can have a cat as long as it barks), or drinking songs (The drink that I had three hours ago/ has been followed by 14 others in a steady flow). There are societal/political songs and a couple covers in the catalog too. One of my favorite songs is in a subset of love songs, songs about sex, called Oh Jean. It has a strong driving beat and a catchy chorus and it makes you wipe your brow at the end. Whew.

As I'm listening to my iPod I realize I'm missing one (or more) of the CDs, there songs I know but aren't listed. They aren't in our iTunes music library. So I go searching through all the CDs binders in the house to find them. No luck. I search all those stacks of plastic cases that have gotten shoved aside into nooks no-one knows about. I've looked in the kids' rooms. I've looked on the visor holder in the car. I've looked in the CD tray in the stereo we never use anymore. I've looked in the binders of software discs. Nada. Absolutamente nada.

Where's my copy of This is the Story? AAAAAAAAAAAAARG. (And no, it's not with my channel-locks, I looked.)

I hate it when I can't find something. Drives me absolutely nuts. Maybe I should call ahead now for a room (with a view, of course) at St. E's.

Must get CD! Must get it now.

iTunes doesn't have it.
The library doesn't have it. (Should be filed between Prince and Queen, by the way.)
Border's doesn't have it.
Nor does Barnes & Noble.
A quick trip to is fruitless.

Looks like Amazon is my only choice. Can I wait that long? There's a holiday on Monday to slow down shipping. sheesh.

Must find that CD.
Must find it now.


gautami tripathy said...

I have similar feelings about books. I go nuts searching for those. LIke you say, I do not rest until I get/find those!

MIchele knows that we like minded people should visit each other!

AM Kingsfield said...

I tend to give things away - loan actually, but I never loan something I would be crushed to never get back. I never remember to whom I've lent things, so I almost never get them back. I have been known to buy the same CD or book more than once. I feel annoyed with myself every time.

David said...

lost: my wallet, 3 weeks ago
still figure it will turn up some where
( we are so different)

iamnot said...

Hey, if I can find "A-Train" on line, you should be able to find "The Procalimers."

John said...

I'm like AM. I have 4 copies of John Grisham's "The Chamber" on my shelves. And I didn't even care for that one very much. Hope you find it. Maybe it got walled up with the kitchen remodel. Just wondering.

carli said...

Ooooh. I know that feeling. But Amazon rocks anyway.
And I've never listened to their other stuff, but I LOVE the "1,000 Miles" song.