Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to the Grind

Dan and I did have fun on new year's eve. I wore my hair pinned back with a clip I borrowed from The Girl. The crowd in the club skewed older and therefore dressed "down" more than I'd have liked. I had no idea how fancy to dress for the event so I went for the upper level of the range. And, yes, I was one of about 10 women who wore dresses, I had the fanciest. (Yay me!) Which means I was stared at a lot. I tried to remember to stand up straight and look like they were the ones who underdressed. It was a party, for goodness sake!

The crowd also seemed asleep for until midnight. I called the club the night before to get an idea of the schedule. Dinner was to be at 7:00 and the band was to start at 8:00. We arrived at 7:00, hors d'oeuvres were served at 7:30, dinner after 8:00, all while we were serenaded by acoustic classical guitar. For three hours. (That explains the sleepy part) The band came on at 10:00. sheesh. Still no dancing. Dan and I started it to some degree by dancing to Faithful and True, but the floor wasn't packed until after midnight and the horn blowing. And the kissing. A lot of kissing going on. Except for the couple next to us. They just sat there, and didn't move, except to drink and go to the restroom. Go figure.

On the way to the car we got a comment about Dan's tie going with my dress. It made it all worth it. We left at about 12:40 so we could get home and relieve the sitter. And The Boy was still awake. sheesh.

Now I'm back at work, wading through emails and checking on everything that rolls over with the new month. Next week we'll be getting all the annuals ready.

I need to balance my check book, it hasn't been done since I did it in August, and get a new register for '08. I also write 2008 on a bunch of checks in the pad ahead of time so I get used to the idea of the new year.

The boy was up in time for the bus this morning, which is a miracle because he hasn't gotten up before 10 this whole break, sometimes 11:00. I left for work before The Girl was up, told her if she missed the bus, she had to walk.


greeny said...

And grind it is!
You two were ready to cut loose, huh?
The band was late but was it good??

Don't go overboard on those mundane tasks, you hear?

I let Jack have orange soda last night and he was awake for hours since it wasn't caffeine free. Doh! So much for catching up on his sleep.

VE said...

Write checks? Do people still do that? I can't even remember the last check I wrote.

Dant said...

Actually the band wasn't late. We were just told the wrong time. They were good considering... The lead singer/band leader had major throat issues and apparently will have surgery next week to remove a nodule. My favorite live act though, so I can't complain. He played in pain as they say in the NFL.

John said...

You both looked great. We rang in the new year at about 10:40 and went to bed. Getting too damn old I guess

Lorraine said...

Darlin', you looked fab. That is all. Happy new year.