Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another Boring Post

My life is so boring right now I'm posting about passwords, for goodness sake. Sheesh. I got nuttin. No current construction projects. The painters came to work on the kitchen a couple weeks back so it's about done except for some trim work. I'm not working on any quilting projects, although I have a lot unfinished that could use some attention. I haven't knitted in weeks and still have that green sweater part-way done. You can see where this is going. Well, it's not going anywhere, really. I'm stagnant.

The other night I was boxing up some old software to Freecycle and found a disk I remembered fondly. Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug A MAC/WIN software disk by Random House, 1995. Most of it is very juvenile, aimed at your average 5 year-old. Except for a game where you sort luggage into color-matching bins using reversing conveyor bins. The first 20 or 30 levels are no-brainers, very easy, then it got tricky, tricky enough to hold my attention. For a long time.

Well anyway, I found the disk and last night I put it in a couple different computers to see if it would work again and had success with the Toshiba laptop. I got up to level 49 before The Boy commandeered the computer. When I went to bed he was on level 61. This morning I opened the game to check his progress and he made it to level 84 before he went to bed. 84!

That's my boy!

Post Script: I checked my posting on the other laptop and this picture didn't come across. That's so weird! Oh well. I hope you can see it.


HRH Courtney, Queen of Everything said...

I need to check out Freecycle.
Michele sent me.

just me said...

Maybe it's the winter doldrums. But at least you didn't have the week I had last week - 3 deaths, one separation/divorce. I could use a dull week this week!

BTW, kudos to Kevin for his achievement. (I also have lots of old software I could dispose of.)

Lorraine said...

I need to check out Freecycle, too.

See? You thought you were being boring but you provided a valuable service.

iamnot said...

How about a sock knitting seminar.
My wife is struggling with her first attempts.

VE said...

I still have a disk from a game I got back in the early 80s. It was one of the original games available on a computer. It's very primative; just levels using text characters but it had a lot of difficulty and things built in to it. Alas, I haven't been able to run it since its on those bigger floppy disks. The drives for those went out of date long ago.

AM Kingsfield said...

it's OK not to be busy all the time. You were a whirling dervish right before Christmas!

YoLinna said...

Come do SoulCollage-- you'll never be bored again :) You may become wacky like me but never bored.