Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ta Daa!

If you like photo sequences, here's two more in the old work building deconstruction project I can see from my office window. I haven't posted any in a while because it just looks like the same big pile of rocks to me every day, but they are making progress, I think. Yesterday:


Here is a earlier post that showed many shots of the deconstruction.

I picked up some of the ceramic pieces Fern and I made in our class. The rest of my pieces got fired in the high fire kiln and they're not ready yet. They only fire it up at the higher temperature once a month or so. It was scheduled to go on Saturday with a cool-down Sunday and Monday, but I heard they had trouble with the gas Saturday and may not have gotten the kiln fired. I'm anxious to see my pieces.

This is a close-up of one of the corner blocks I designed with all the partial seams on the quilt I'm making for my mom.

Here's the whole thing. I spent about an hour last night trimming up some of the seams that I'd missed. And, in the process, un-sewed and re-sewed several seams that didn't meet my momentary high standards.


Maddy said...

Gosh no wonder your closets a mess if you've managed all those projects. I haven't done slab work for ages but they were consistency as heavy as lead! Much like my wheel thrown pieces come to think of it.

John said...

It's nice to watch your quilts progress.