Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rx for Apathy?

I have a major case of the "apathy"s.

The gym here at work had its annual "maintain-don't gain" campaign from before Thanksgiving to after New Years. You got points for exercise and not gaining weight. I came in third of all the participants, thanks mostly to my daily 3-mile walks and the bi-weekly water aerobics classes. The week after the program close, I gained almost five pounds which puts me way over my Mendoza line. sheesh.

I want to care, but I am having a real hard time about it. I am finding it very hard to get up and do my three miles when no one is waiting for me. I am finding going to my water aerobic class is becoming a chore. I'm finding it very easy to have a coke with a meal instead of something lower-cal, like water. I don't get anywhere near my "eight glasses a day." sheesh. AM said to me the other day something like, at our age, you have to be constantly trying to lose weight just to maintain, other wise, it's too easy to gain. I agree with her.

My major project at work went into production last week. I'm having a hard time getting into anything else, like our new project. Our division went through a reorganization several months ago. I will be doing the same work but got a new assistant division chief, a new branch chief, and now don't have a section chief. Most folks will get relocated somewhere on our floor. The union had to approve the moving plan, and now next week we "get" to move to our new locations. Turns out, I'm moving over just one pod, to the next cluster of cubes. I'll still have a window, yay, but I still have to pack and move. I hate that. sheesh.

I was all ready to blame my apathy on SAD but the days are getting longer and it's still light out when I drive home so I think SAD doesn't apply.

Rarely does something on TV apply to me, or do I pay attention to the "message," but one of the themes this week on House was being in a rut vs. being happy.

Am I happy? I think so.
Am I in a rut. I think so.
Well then, am I really happy? Maybe not.

What ruts am I in?
How do I climb out?
What do I have to look forward to?

I'll have ponder these questions.


just me said...

I can completely relate to your lack of motivation. I haven't had any since D was born - over 11 years ago. I can barely go two days without eating something chocolate. And exercise? Hah! Your morning walk just doesn't work for me.

I was in the pool until 2 days before both kids were born... but now it just seems like too much trouble - showering, changing, etc. ugh.

Indigo said...

I usually fall into the same lack of motivation during the winter. This year I started doing yoga at a very good yoga studio 3-4x a week, that has really helped.

AM Kingsfield said...

Sometimes in the dead of winter I go to a tanning bed. I never go a bunch and try to get a tan in particular, but I think the warm light helps my mood. Plus just lying down for ten minutes and nobody asking me to do anything is nice. Wanna go?

Lorraine said...

Dude, I do not have the answer but I'm feelin' you. I do think there is something to the whole "it's winter" thing. Otherwise, I got nothin'.