Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm sitting here at my computer at work surrounded by sounds of clanging and thumping. My neighbors are packing for the move, I'm not. I get to stay put, read blogs and "play" on my lunch hour.

I took some pictures of Fern at her ice skating competition on Sunday. My Dad came out to see her skate too and took lots of shots with his Nikon D3 and 200mm lens. I always knew the light in our ice arena is horrid and despite my camera my pictures are never that good, but I didn't see the evidence until I saw Dad's photos. He fired off about 100 shots before Fern even took the ice to get all his settings set. The pictures taken in some areas of the rink had a pink cast, other areas had a blue cast. He put a couple of the best ones up on his blog. I used an 85mm lens on my Nikon D50, did not correct for the conditions and got these:

Those ribbons are for first place in freestyle 4 program, freestyle 4 compulsories, second place in team jump and spin, and production team, and a third place in freestyle 4 interpretive.

Dad brought his 300mm lens for me to use. I found it too long for the rink, but I get to keep and play with it to experiment with different DOFs (depth of fields). Or is it "depths of field"?



just me said...

I have always had trouble taking photos and video at that rink. I think they keep it that way on purpose so you have to pay for the overpriced pictures from the professionals.

Sorry I didn't see Fern skate... I got there at the very end to watch one of E's friends (E doesn't skate anymore).

Freestyle 4?? I'm very impressed. When E stopped at age 14 she was only at Freestyle 2.

Maddy said...

Fabulous, both the winner and the photography. Have fun playing with that one, and then when you're finished you could sign up for Twitter, or are you there already and I just can't find you?

Kerri said...

That is awesome! Tell Fern I said congrats!

VE said...

Why did they all move away from you? Did you have garlic for lunch?

AM Kingsfield said...

Dad's got you beat with his photos - but you win with that medal shot!

greeny said...

Wow-wee! What a bunch of medals. Fantastic!
Im staying out of the photo talk. I have nothing to offer.

Firefly Nights said...

Olympics-bound in a few years? All the photos of her are lovely.