Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kevin finally got tired and fell asleep early last night, he was out when I came back from my class.

At my water aerobics class last night we did laps around the deep end instead of just going back and forth. We did one lap each of:
cross-country skiing (keeping legs straight)
wide-leg frog (works the inner and outer thighs)
ankle taps, forward and backward (like a jog but you touch the opposite ankle with each stroke, works your abs)
alternating hurdles (like a jog but you stretch out your legs like you're jumping hurdles)
breast-stroke arms, no leg movement, they stayed straight down, toes pointed.
Then we put our "bells" under our knees and jogged around the pool and did other weight work.
We finished by standing on one bell and po-going. That was fun.

11:00 am Edit: I forgot to add that last night the instructor played dance-track versions of ABBA songs. Hard to dance and jog at the same time, but was fun trying.

If you click on the link you'll see six different sizes varying in resistance. I have a set of the dark blue ones which are 80% resistance. The lower the resistance the easier they are to use. I'm not sure how they relate to real world weights, but I am challenged with these and am not ready to try the 99% bells. The problem with the 80's is there is lots of foam which makes them very wide and jogging with them under my knees feels like riding a trike that's too small: awkward.

I got a guest pass for one of my local readers. If you'd like to join me next week, comment here, email or call me. (Mom? AM? Linna?)

I like this class and I am starting to feel and see its benefits. (My weight's not down but my legs are trimmer.) I just don't like how much time it takes to go to every week. I invested in the bells and float belt so I should sign up again, but I haven't decided yet. I've got a couple weeks to think about it.


just me said...

D has been having trouble sleeping all week. He gets to bed more or less on time, but is still awake at E's bedtime (45 mins later). Although I don't mind going to bed while E is still awake, having D awake when I turn in makes me nervous.

The aquacize sounds fun, but time-consuming. That's why I stopped swimming - it takes 90 mins but you're only excercising for about 30.

John said...

Jogging with them under your knees. I just cannot get that mental picture. Probably better that way. Once again, after reading your post, I need a nap. You're wearing me out. I would, for my sake, not sign up again. But it's not about me, is it?

Anne said...

The class lasts 45 minutes, so that's better than 30 for time away from home — time in the water ratio.

John, the bells are under your knees like you're sitting in a chair, then you jog but squeeze tight so they don't flip out behind you.

greeny said...

WE just had an aquatics center with Olympic sized pool open here in the Y and I am contemplating going to the water aerobics glass or swimming laps in the early morning. It just isn't as easy to go, swim, drive home, shower, get the kids up and make it back to school in time as it is to drink coffee until 6:15, walk a couple of miles, come home, shower, get the kids up and make it to school in time.

Mom said...

We don't have any bells in our water aerobics class, but one of my favorite exercises is ring the bell (works the abs). The pool I use is only 5 minutes from my house. Younger son goes at 6AM, but it is really crowded then with the before work people. I go at 10 AM with all the old ladies.

AM Kingsfield said...

I need to look into it - but at the close gym I'm already sending money to! My ankle's bugging me which is a bad combo with all the gingerbread and egg nog!