Saturday, June 14, 2008

Travel Log

We had the best room ever. Too bad Fern wasn't with us. Somehow we scored a deluxe suite with a large kitchen area, living room area, two full beds AND a king bed in separate room; three of us in a room that could have slept eight.

When we planned this trip we talked about allowing Fern to invite a friend along, but as it turns out, this friend had a birthday sleep-over and Fern opted to stay home and attend the party. Come to think of it, it was the first time we went away with out her when she was not at camp or with grandparents.

Anyway, our semiannual trip to Great Wolf Lodge (Williamsburg, VA) was good. I missed Fern, but Kevin had his usual great time. I think the best time to visit the water park is first thing in the morning as soon as it opens. I noticed everyone seemed to be well-rested and in a good mood, the kids all seemed to be well behaved. And the lines are short. Later in the day, early evening, the kids are all tired and cranky and the parents, in general, are irritated with these cranky kids. We arrived about 6pm last night and Kevin and I stayed at the water park until about 9 when Dan brought us dinner. Kevin is never cranky, he's so happy to be there, he's polite and doesn't cut in line. At one point he even stacked up some of the tubes nobody was using.

Since our last visit they changed the door locks from key cards to electronic wristbands so you've got your room key with you at all times, no chance leaving it in your other pants. You need to have a wristband anyway to get into the park so this is a great addition. The clerks at the donut shop even scan it for a purchase. Cool. (I wonder why Williamsburg took so long to get them, the GWL at the Poconos had them when we were there in January of '07.) Upon check-out I let them know it was the best visit yet because it was the first time our room was ready when we got there and because of our room upgrade. I think they were glad of my complement.

Oh, and we put a couple hundred miles on the new car.


gemma said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. I always wanted to go to Williamsburg. That's a future plan. Michele sent me and glad she did. This was a fun visit. Happy Fathers' Day too by the way.

greeny said...

Great Wolf Lodge! WooHoo! Sounds like a great trip to be a kid on.


It is good to let businesses know the things that work. I think sincere compliments are given so much less often than LOUD COMPLAINTS. Michele sent me.