Monday, June 23, 2008

A Busy Sewing Machine

Remember this? I posted this picture a couple weeks ago asking for help about the block lay-out. Each of these hexagon blocks are stuck to a large piece of flannel, just like the flannel board your teacher used back in kindergarten.

I did nothing with this project since then and finally gravity took over. The blocks started falling off the wall, so many that I wasn't sure where they went without comparing it with the pictures I took. So I just put them back any ol' way that looked OK. Then I took more pictures, swapped a few, took more pictures, swapped more and finally started sewing them together. I found looking at the pictures of the wall instead of at the wall directly helped me see it differently. The areas that didn't "work" popped out and were easier to fix.

There are 11 vertical rows of blocks to sew together, but with this pattern you sew the half hexagons together with the pieces above and below it, then when you sew the strips together, and the hexagons are reunited. That means there are 22 vertical rows to sew and I got 13 done over the weekend. Whew. I felt I made a lot of progress and am anxious to continue when I get home from work, I want to keep up the momentum.

Then, I got an email this afternoon. A local troop leader wants me to prep 16 Cadette Girl Scout vests for a bridging ceremony in July in Savanah. Sixteen. Wow. She is going to pay me $160 and then the parents can pay me the $15 each for the rest of the year if they want. I'm feeling good about this little business of mine. I seem to be getting good feedback from content parents and leaders keep passing my name along.

I guess I get back to the quilt when the vests are done....


just me said...

off-topic - thanks for the mulch money :)

John said...

Apparently AM thinks I need to use your sewing machine engine to replace the one in my daughters car. As much work as you put it through it probably has more power than the one my daughter has.

greeny said...

It's going to be beautiful no matter what1