Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I hate lunch. I mean I like to eat it, but I'd rather just have someone give it to me than to have to think about it and plan it and prepare it and remember to take it to work with me and then remember to eat it.

I tend to not think about food until I'm hungry. (I think this is one of my major faults as a wife and mom—meal planning. I said one of my faults)

I went grocery shopping last night for the family, we were out of a lot of things since we were away for the weekend. I even put on my list "lunch stuff for mom" and aisle after aisle, nothing interested me. I forced myself to purchase single serving microwave soups and salami, but if I don't plan, I'm scratching my head at 1:45 every day wondering why I'm hungry.

We went to Birmingham for Dan's friends' wedding over the weekend. We stayed over an extra day and went to the DeSoto Caverns. The cave was the main attraction, but they built other things to do. Dan said it was kinda like what he imagined Grubby Gulch to be, if you remember your Lizzy McGuire days. I had more fun than I expected in the squirt-gun maze and ran out of water too quickly. I need to do that again.

The mini-golf was brutal. There was a creek that ran under the course and every hole gave you the opportunity to lose your ball in the drink. I did pretty well until the 8th hole when I lost my ball and didn't recover it until I ran back down to the 3rd hole. I wondered if I was supposed to play back up the hill again, or just walk. It was a good day even though it was HOT!

Teenage Attitude

Bride and Groom

hand-held shot of the light show in the cave

Kevin and Fern enjoy the pedal go-carts


Maddy said...

Oh dear me, the teen attitude and the go-karts! Go figure.

As for the lunches, they are also my biggest bug bear. I was 'good' about a year ago with the planning but since then things have got a little slack.

Dant said...

Where did the top of Mike's head go?

just me said...

I have the same problem about meal planning - but for me it's dinner. I usually don't start thinking about it until I'm on the way home, and it's often too late to do anything about it. So we eat out too much (bad for the budget and bad for the diet).

I try to save some money by brown-bagging my lunch for work, but it doesnt' always work out.

One of the advantages of working in downtown DC: lots of lunch choices. Disadvantage: everything is SO expensive. I can only eat so many Subway sandwiches.

AM Kingsfield said...

Love the attitude shot - and the smile on the groom, despite his lobotomy.

It is a burden to plan meals for everyone. I hate being stuck at home with hungry kids though. And if I don't plan it, no veggies or fruits are ingested. I'm like a veggie pusher.

Lisa said...

One philosophy I follow is to have the same thing (nearly) every day for lunch and put the thought effort in to dinner.

greeny said...

I take care of myself pretty well because I loves me my food but when it comes to being on top of the dinner meal planning, I stink.
I hate summer too because I have to either be burdened with finding things to feed half the male children population OR be a bad guy and send them all home. Im getting better at being bad.

Good grief your children are beautiful!

Anne said...

Greeny, thanks! I think so too.