Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Stuff

AM is in London with Mark and their respective kids. My other walking friend, L, is in Florida on business so I have to walk alone in the mornings. It's so tempting to stay in bed but I've made it out twice this week without them. Yay me. I've taken my iPod and walked to tunes and have tried to keep up a fast pace. I think when the three of us walk together we tend to slow down a bit and it takes us more than 30 minutes to complete the circuit, but this morning on my own I noticed I finished it in just under.

One of my motivating factors to keep walking is that my weight is hovering at or above my Mendoza line. I hate that. It was below it for so long, and now, I just can't seem to get it to budge. I'm not even eating that much junk!

I've had this pain in my neck for a while and have been under the care of an ENT. I could feel a lump and he put me on antibiotics to clear up what he thought was a chronic infection in a lymph node. The lump is gong but recently the pain is up higher, right under my ear in the crook of my jaw. And it's sharper. So now I'm using Nasacort spray. The pain is better, but not perfect yet. Then just this morning, I realized something: the nose spray has steroids in it, and don't steroids have a side-effect of weight gain? Uh-huh, I thought so. So I'm trying to be at peace with my weight level for now.

If my daughter reads this, OK, she'll know the secret in advance. I upped her message allowance for her mobile line yesterday afternoon. I didn't go all out with unlimited, but I think the number will be plenty. It better be.

I got the promised sixteen Cadette Girl Scout vests delivered on Monday evening and last night I got everything ironed on in the proper places to all of them. Now I have to stitch over it all so it stays put. I got two more vests delivered last night and an email from another lady who wants to drop off her daughter's vest tonight. All these 19 vests need to be done by July 7th because all these girls are going to Savannah to the Juliette Low House. (Birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts, in case you didn't know.) I don't want to turn away business, but it's getting close to that point, time is getting tight.

Fern helped me out last night by getting the badges and numbers ready for me to iron on. She might be ready and willing to learn how to do the sewing. She's motivated byt the idea of me paying her to help. Two things concern me: my not-so-new-anymore, expensive sewing machine and teaching her to use it without either one of us driving the other crazy; and her attention span to finish the work she says she'll complete. Following up on a half-finished job can take as long as doing yourself in the first place.

I'll just do the nineteen vests myself, I'd be too nervous to let her learn on them. And I'm pretty sure I can get them all done in the next two weeks. Except next week the kids are going away to camp and Dan and I will be going to Vegas to get married. So I really don't have two full weeks. Yikes. Maybe I should take a picture of my sweat shop for you to see.

My Dad is having his knee replaced today. Pray the hospital food doesn't kill him.


Dant said...

But at least you'll be able to hit more home runs.

greeny said...

SCREEEEEECH! What about Vegas and marriage?!

Anne said...

Home runs? Yeah, I'll see you later.

Greeny, glad you're awake.

Mom said...

It's about time you two got married!

VE said...

At least they're still serving food at the hospitals...the airlines really aren't anymore.