Saturday, December 15, 2007

Note about the picture below. Mark and AM and Dan and I attended a surprise 40th party for one of our neighbors. Mark asked if I'd figured out how to get a photo from my iPhone to my blog and I, of course, showed him.

The party was held at the temple and the rabbi played a part in getting the birthday girl there, some ruse about dinner and "I left something at the office." The band, local favorite The Crayfish, took the stage after all the toasts and opened with Please Come Home for Christmas. Nice sense of humor.


John said...

Ok, now I can see why I might not have received an invite. The neighbor thing and all. It's ok. I appreciate the thought anyway.

Carmi said...

Sounds like the kind of party I would have enjoyed. I'm sorry I couldn't make it :)

I find it neat how these days, it doesn't take much for a routine event to end up shared on a blog for all to see. Some of my friends routinely challenge me whenever I show up with my camera: "You're not gonna blog this, are ya?"