Sunday, December 16, 2007

Answers to Study this Photo #3

If you haven't played along, scroll down a couple posts, it's not too late!

1. How many water bottles are there?
2. How many coffee/tea mugs are there?
3. What time is it?
4. How many cups/containers of writing implements?
5. What ocean is showing on the inflatable globe?
6. Are the reading glasses perched on the nose?
no, they are in the after picture.
7. Radio, beaker, or both?
8. What am I having for lunch?
A trick question. Sometimes I leave my lunch on my desk all morning instead of putting it away in the fridge. This day it's not there. However, if you scroll back to the day I originally posted this photo, you'll see in the "after" photo a picture of a Taco Bell wrapper torn into a snow flake on the monitor. So the answer is: Taco Bell.


Mar said...

Fun game, actually. We should do this more often for our own sake :) saw your picture afterwards.
Michele sent me your way this time.

craziequeen said...

This makes me think I should tidy my house....soon.....

Michele sent me to say hi, Anne :-)


PI said...

Thanks for your visit Anne.