Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve Preparations

I don't think I've ever been out on new year's eve. Oh, I've been to friends' houses for little get-togethers, but never for a big party or event. This year is different, Dan and I are going to the Ramshead Tavern to see Billy Price Band. I secured a sitter back in November, AM's niece home from college. My sister-in-law helped me pick out a dress a couple weeks ago when we visited there, a fun, flirty little black and white number. I found shoes that will do. I even bought a pair of stockings. Now, I have to figure out what I'm going to do with my hair.

You all know me, I'm not a girly-girl. I fix things: I install car stereos, I drive a lawn tractor, I change showerheads (Oh, I found my channel-locks, by the way, they were in the back of the van, no tellin' why), I don't wear much make-up, I don't polish my nails, and I don't do hair. I just don't know how. I'm a wash-and-go kinda girl, no hair dryer, no curling iron for me.

I haven't had a hair cut since March when I made my last trek to New York to see Nick. He's raised his rates a couple times since I first saw him, but he grandsfathers his clients so they always pay their initial rate, not the going rate. Thank goodness. But still, it's not trivial to take a day or two off work and get up there to have my hair cut.

Dan often tells me there are other people who cut hair. I have a real hard time "breaking in" new stylists. I can't stand to have "product" in my hair, I hate the way it feels. I admit I have tactile issues. It drives me nuts if I can't run my fingers through my hair, I hate the feeling of curl cream or mousse sticking up my locks. Yuck. It always takes about 5 visits for any stylist to remember not to put anything in my hair, but I've never been so bold as to march back over to the shampoo girl and have them wash it again right after a cut and blow-dry. Although that might get the point across, maybe I should do that just once. Which is fine with me, because I don't like to have my hair blown dry.

Anyway, back to tonight. What am I going to do with my hair?


John said...

You see. This is the very reason that I shave my head. I can not under any circumstances imagine traveling all the way to New York to have my hair done. Besides the fact that my hair, when I don't shave it, is slowly marching backward on my head. Picture Eddie Munster. My oldest brother has the same problem but on him it looks good. Maybe it's the cowboy hat.

As far as tonight, I assume shaving it is out of the question?

When I was in DC on a bus trip there was a homeless guy on the corner of 9th St and N St NW who traded in his squeegee for clippers and a comb. I hear he's pretty good. Only charges $2. Give him a call. His cell number is 202-456-1414

Anne said...

John, will you quit giving out the White House number!

too funny

panthergirl said...

Just pull it back tightly and wear cool dangly earrings!!

I don't think I've been here before, but I too am a crappy housekeeper, love golf and knitting (but I'm a beginner at both). I don't do showerheads, though, and wish you could come fix mine.

Michele sent me. Happy New Year!!!

Mom said...

Wash it and run a brush through it. Your hair always looks great.

greeny said...

I am sure you will do your hair nicely. The thing is you are going to be ready to party in the new year and have a blast doing it! Have a spectacular time.

Lorraine said...

I have no advice on the hair thing...I have similar issues. (Best haircut I ever had was when I shaved my head...if it hadn't given The Spouse gender confusion issues I'd still be rocking the Sinead look. It was awesome).

But you have everything else covered so something tells me you're going to be hot whatever you do. Have a blast and happy new year!

Anne said...

Why, pray tell, did you shave your head?

greeny said...

I'm wondering the same thing, Anne!

just me said...

Whatever you did with your hair, I'm sure you had fun on New Year's Eve.

I do have a good local stylist - all you have to do is tell her "no mousse" and she won't - she asks me every time, doesn't assume that I want it (altho sometimes I do). It's got to be a damn sight cheaper than traveling up to NY for a haircut.

Because I wear my hair short, I'm nuts about getting it cut every six weeks. But short hair is the easiest!

Call me if you want my stylist's name. I'm happy to share.