Friday, January 02, 2009

The Annual First Lines post

Here is the first line or two from the first post of each month for 2008. It's fun to look back and see what was blog-worthy.

Dan and I did have fun on new year's eve. I wore my hair pinned back with a clip I borrowed from The Girl. The crowd in the club skewed older and therefore dressed "down" more than I'd have liked.

No-one bit on yesterday's Ferris Bueller reference. Oh well.

The kids had a 2-hour delay this morning, I guess because parts of the county had sleet & freezing rain and the roads were bad.

I guess I should write a post so y'all know I'm alive.

I've been walking around in a fog lately, this cold isn't quite gone, doing a bit of house work here and there, but I can't come up with any earth-shattering news to share.


I'm taking a work break to blog. I just wiped out two files. Zero bytes of data left. Empty. I need those files. I was in the midst of writing a program to compare them and write out the different passwords contained in them. Now I can't write because, there's nothing there to check. Sheesh. Dernit.

I'm back from my two days in NYC, a quick jaunt for work.

While I was there I cheated on Nick with his wife, Lina.

She's less expensive.

Yesterday morning during my walk I saw a flash of brown, a big flash of brown, like the size and color of a great dane. I instantly feared for my life. I have dog issues, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Down about a hundred or so.

The water level at Hoover Dam, that is, not my roulette bank roll.

We're here in Las Vegas. It's HOT. I saw one bank sign today: 116°, the car is set to metric and all it's telling us is 44°.

Hello? Hello? [tap tap tap] Is this thing on? Is anybody out there?

Usually, our office has its annual summer off-site "meeting" on the last Thursday of August. For the last several years I planned it so I planned it to be held at my pool club.

View from the morning walk. You can caption it yourself.


I just spoke with the senior administrator at the high school this morning.

Wow, I've got two weekends to round up. I'll try not to forget any of the good parts and summarize the boring bits.

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Chris Wood said...

Sounds like an okay year - maybe 2009'll be the one with the bank robberies, calls from Hollywood, etc etc.