Monday, January 26, 2009

When I Retire

When some people hear I'm a quilter, I often hear them say, "I want to quilt when I retire." I always think why wait? Sure you have more (theoretical) time when you retire, but it's a great stress reliever and you'd benefit from quilting now.

Over the last 40 years I've taken ceramics classes, a couple when I was a kid at the Huntington Gallery of Art, then one as an elective in college, and a few more at the local community college.

It's one of those loves I keep on the back burner, my dream is to have my own wheel and kiln one day and space enough for it all. I really really don't need another hobby, but I just love to play in the clay. I was never really good at it, I mean, good enough to enjoy it, but not good enough to pursue it as a primary livelihood. Now, I'm telling myself "...when I retire...."

Fern took ceramics classes at summer camps and enjoyed them a lot as well. So when I found out about a family ceramics class at the local park service art center, I signed us up. It's a short class, only three weeks, but long enough to try out the facility, meet the faculty, and see if I'd want to go back for a longer series of classes.

Yesterday was our first class. Fern harassed me for bringing my own bucket of tools I'd accumulated over the years, (you're a dork, Mom) but then found them useful when the time came. We made the traditional "pinch pot" first, then used the slab roller to create another piece. These are my pieces, I'm not sure what I'll use them for, tea cups or flower vases, but I had fun. It was so good to get my hands dirty again like that. Next week we will try out the wheel and the last week will be painting/glazing.

I found it interesting Fern told me she was telling herself not to compare her work with mine because I was older. She wanted to do well on her pieces on her own. I'm proud of her.

I already want to sign up for the adult class series which starts tomorrow, and there's even a space available in the class. But that means I'll be out every night of the week. Sigh. Maybe next time when I quit taking water aerobics...


Mom said...

I am retired and still don't have time to do all the things I want to do. There are always more fun things to do than there is time available.

greeny said...

amen to mom's comment.
cool that you like play in the clay and i like the bowl and vase.
so important to create when the need and the mood arises.