Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Schools are closed today so I'm staying home with the kids. My goal for the day is to make my sewing room habitable, and maybe get some work done. Here's the "before" picture. (I'm having trouble with the real camera acknowledging the memory card so I'm stooping to the camera phone. Blah!)

I should go take my ADD meds so I can concentrate long enough to make progress.



greeny said...

Whatever you do, don't sit down at the computer and get a Facebook page started!

Since we are out for this entire week I started a similar project that has lain under my bed since I moved in and has been steadily growing- E's and J's school scrap book items. Ive added some from each activity or event- just thrown them under there!
Then I move on to finishing my bathroom mudding project. It's half done.

Good luck on your sewing room.

just me said...

yes, do take your meds even though you're not at work. D takes his every day regardless.

I hope you have a productive and enjoyable day - I'm at work :)

Gnomeself Be True said...

I think I may declare tomorrow a "snow day."
I've got sinks and toilets to fix.
The joy of it all.

AM Kingsfield said...

True about Facebook - a fun time sucker.

Maybe I should try one of those pills.

just me said...

how'd it go? did you get anything accomplished? I was at work, but it felt like a waste of time.

Anne said...

I got a lot done, the floor was even clear enough to vacuum. I bought a bookshelf from Ikea yesterday for further organizing attempts. Kevin did much of the construction. I've got some "after" pictures to post soon.