Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where are Stacy and Clinton When You Need Them?

What the heck do you wear to a 3:00 wedding in November in Houston?


just me said...

As someone who goes to a lot of weddings at various times of the day, I believe you can never go wrong with a suit. (Although I would not recommend black unless you have a brightly-colored blouse to go with it.)

Maureen said...

Think back to every wedding you have ever been to. Other than the bridal party can you remember (other than something really out there) that anyone else was wearing? Thats my outlook on weddings. I put on something like I would wear to church and just go with that. Unless its a formal wedding. The wedding I'm going to on Saturday is Football t-shirts and jeans.

Lorraine said...

Sheesh. I'm with JustMe on this one.