Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thar She Goes!

The deconstruction of the old office building continues, but now I have a front-row view:

Several of us gathered round to watch, unfortunately, you can't hear the whole conversation of my office mates so what you can hear doesn't make sense:


A Peek of the Wedding Quilt in progress


just me said...

the quilt looks great! when's the wedding?

did you see the article in last Sunday's NYTimes mag about a new(er?) approach to working with autistic kids? If you can't find it online, I still have the paper copy at home.

Anne said...

The wedding is November first! I have a lot of work to do...

AM Kingsfield said...

How distracting to have that side show out your window. I wouldn't have gotten any work done!

Maddy said...

Fabulous. October now, November 1st.....eek! The office destruction, the dust and the noise can't help much.
BEst wishes