Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Roundup

  1. I'll not do that again. I posted an entry from home on Thursday night and another one on Friday. No-one commented on the Thursday post for until AM did on Sunday afternoon. I don't write these for my health, you know. OK, I'll wait here while you scroll down and read it.


  2. Friday evening I picked up the car from the shop. $1300. Kevin made a beeline for the garage when I got home and made a comment about "...going to check on the green car...." All's right with the universe again.

  3. Then I went to play Bunco with a bunch of quilters from my guild. I'd never played before. It's a simple, fun game with dice and partners, prizes are involved, usually money, we played for quilting stuff, like fabric and thread. You never have the same partner in consecutive rounds so you find yourself cheering against the very person one round whom you were cheering for in the previous. I came home empty handed. I ate a lot of fritos though, does that count?

  4. Saturday, the usual kid-ferrying duties, lessons and the last practice for Fern's Ice skate team before the Valentine Invitational competition on Sunday, and Kevin to his swimming program. Fern needs a black skating skirt for her jump and spin team's costume. The pro shop doesn't have any her size and none even close.

    I bought a half yard of black swimsuit/dance fabric. I haven't sewn slinky knits like that in years and I start to panic about the skirt. At the same time a friend calls from my quilt bee about our bee meeting tonight. Do you know anything about knits? She did and I spent almost 3 hours at her house trying to make a black skirt for The Girl. It didn't turn out like I had envisioned, mostly because I measured her waist and she wanted it on her hips so the design had to be adjusted. She didn't think it would work.

  5. Sunday, I got up early and drove to Target to look at their selection of dance wear. I found a black ballet skirt and bought it, even though it was very sheer and I didn't think it would work. Then I searched down into the depths of my fabric stash for black knit and found some. I made yet another skirt with a different design and The Girl asked if I could sew the two together. I did and it worked great.

    Kevin had to be at his ski program drop-off point at 9:30. Fern had a 10:00 call for her 11:20 Jump and Spin event. She had trouble with her change-foot spin, but landed her souchow beautifully. After her event we went for lunch, then back to the rink for the awards. Her team got third! Out of three teams. Her next call was at 3:00 for her 5:04 event for production team, so we went home for a break. I read some of my book and got so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. So I took a nap. I don't usually take a nap so when Fern couldn't find me when it was time to go back to the rink, she checked the neighbor's house and called AM before she found me in bed.

    Kevin is supposed to be picked up from his ski trip at 5:30 so Dan and I debated which parent would see Fern skate and which parent will get The Boy. AM saved the day and picked up Kevin for us. That woman ought to be knighted. What is the female equivalent of "knighted," "lady-ed?" Ok, I'll just wait here while those of you who know and love her stop laughing.

    Seriously, what is the female equivalent of being knighted?

    Anyway, Fern skated wonderfully, thought her team should have won, but I told her about several of the little skaters who fell into a pile which she didn't know about. My throat always tightens up and my eyes start to sting when I see her on the ice. She's so beautiful. Yeah, I'm a biased mom, but there's biased mom and then there's a beautiful daughter. Her team took second! Out of three teams.

    Fern's team waiting to take the ice, Fern by the door

    JJ and Fern after the award ceremony

  6. I thought I'd be home for the night after skating, but Fern asked me if she could go to the Town Hall meeting and see Hillary. Oh, all right. I had no first-hand information, no specifics. It was at Bowie State from 7:30 - 9:30 pm, very vague. My husband said follow the cars and you'll find it. Thanks. We got there at 7:30 and waited in line in 28° windy darkness for a half-hour before we got inside to the warm of purse searches and metal dectors. I still had no idea when the meeting was supposed to actually start, but 8:30 Fern was bored and tired and had a headache and wanted to leave and I held her off for another 30 minutes. Hillary and gang came out at 9:00. The county executive started his speech and I had the feeling I wasn't going to hear Hill for another 20 minutes. Fern was insistent so we left. I probably should have made her suck it up and stay, it would have been good experience, but I relented. She had had a long day after all. I hate the whole political thing anyway, so it wasn't too hard walking out. I'll pay more attention in November.

    From my seat before we left


just me said...

not to do with your post, but thought you'd want to see this item from the Capital:

about a restaurant with an "autism awareness night" once a month.

E went to the Hillary thing with Deb A last night. Even though she's really an Obama supporter, she was glad she went. (She's turning into a political animal like her dad.)

Maddy said...

I avoid slinky knits but that's because I have an ancient sewing machine = forwards backwards and zig zag only. Best of luck.

Dant said...

Just me,
Thanks for the tip on the restaurant. We'll probably go there next Tuesday.

AM Kingsfield said...

So beautiful! I'd love to see a video clip.
I wished I'd known my candidate was in town. I realized it today when I read the paper. (instead of walking in 10 degrees)

Just call me Sir.

greeny said...

Isn't it Dame? Dame AM Kingsfield. Yup, quite a ring.

What a mom for doing all you could do for the skirt.

And those wonderful feeling of pride are the best in the world.
She looks lovely.

MarkEC said...

Dame or perhaps Duchess? Either way she should be honored and revered! :-) Shall we genuflect in your presence AM.

Would love to see video of the skating too! I am always amazed at your sewing, knitting skills.

Lorraine said...

That was positively exhausting.

I wanna see the skirt you made.

John said...

1. Not sure it would help your health.

2.I was wondering why the stars seemed a little off.

3.Fritos always count, unless they are eating after 3AM. Did the Bunco Squad break ya'll up?

4.I agree with the girl. I wear my slinky knits on my hips. Much more flattering.

5.I yearn with yarn for a knitted knighted knot.

6.Politicians have no sense of punctuality.