Friday, February 22, 2008

Attention Please

Have you ever wanted the undivided attention of someone? Or a large group?

Call a bingo game. The usual bingo game has numbers from B-1 to O-75, but I have a bingo-a-day calendar that has a smaller set of numbers. Not that I play bingo that often, but it was on clearance a few weeks ago, so I bought it. Every day has three game cards and 50 lift-a-flaps revealing random numbers to be called.

I took a stack of unspent days to the retreat with me and passed out a set of cards to everyone. Throughout the weekend I'd call a game for a door prize. I didn't know if it would be received well, if people would like to participate or not. I was nervous, my self esteem was waning. I took the chance and it paid off. The room was dead quiet, you could hear a pin drop and the crackle of cooling irons, as I called each number. You've never heard a gaggle of quilters that quiet.

On Sunday after the last game had been played I got lots of comments from people asking me to do that again next year, it was fun, and where did I get the calendar.

I was thrilled and my ego was happy. Yay.

Ice Day

School was closed today so I stayed home with the kids. I've finished reading a book, started a load of laundry, ran the dishwasher and not a lot else. Fern asked if she could make brownie batter. No. Fern then asked if she could make a batch of brownies. Yes. Then she still tried to sit on the sofa and eat the batter, I guess she thought I wouldn't notice. For a smart girl, she's pretty daft.

I'll have to check the traffic and weather later to see if I can go out. Dan left for Florida and Fern will be at a sleep-over, so I might take The Boy out to supper or the mall. Wonder what other trouble I can get into while the house is mostly empty?


kenju said...

The bingo calendar sounds like a lot of fun. I haven't played it in years, but I always enjoyed it when I did. Happy blogiversary!
Michele says hi.

gemma said...

Hi the bingo post..hope you have enjoyed your time in the almost empty house. I often have that luxury and most often enjoy it. Florida though..sigh. Oh to see a palm tree in February. Michele sent me by the way and I like it here.

Anne said...

kenju, thanks.

gemma, welcome and come by anytime. The house is still pretty quiet for now.


What book did you read? Michele sent me. :-)

Anne said...

I'm reading "Cross Country Quilters" by Jennifer Chiaverini.

greeny said...

Oh, I was cracking up with this post!
"The room was dead quiet, you could hear a pin drop and the crackle of cooling irons, as I called each number." Perfect comment for a quilter's retreat!

So were there brownies or not?

Anne said...

Yes, brownies were made. Kevin helped himself by scooping out a piece [hunk] from the enter of the pan.


I'll have to Google the book. I have maybe vaguely heard of it. :-)