Friday, February 08, 2008

Nothing Ever Goes as Planned

I got my new PC here at work on Wednesday. My keyboard, mouse and dual monitors all stayed the same. After the tech left, I logged in and found he hadn't set up my mail properly. The applications I could run, like my shell window interface and browser, were out of focus on the monitors. I left for the day.

When I got to work yesterday, I couldn't log in at all. After spending all morning on the phone with the help desk I got logged in and got to my mail. But the type face had changed, and combine that with the blurry monitors, I had a headache after a few minutes. Consequently, I could only work in short bits and didn't get a lot done all day until another tech guy came with a new video card in the afternoon. By then, the day was shot.

I'm still working through my different applications and getting my preferences set back to my preference, it's not what I really want to spend time on, but it's got to be done so I can be the exemplary efficient employee that I am.

On the upside, this machine is lightyears faster, I only have to wait about 4 minutes to boot up in the morning, instead of about 10. Oh, the joy!


iamnot said...

See, this is why the gobernment should take over health care.

I feel for you.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You need a better tech at work! Goodness; you shouldn't have to put up with that.

I stopped by to comment on the comment you left me when Michele sent you to visit. You're thanking me for being a Girl Scout leader, and I'm curious why. Because girls need off-the-beaten-path role models? Or... help me here...

gautami tripathy said...

I am happy with my PC. I use Sidux instead of XP. And very happy for it.

Michele sent me your way today.

just me said...

Gee, for a person who works with computers all day, you seem like such an anti-technology person :)

Or is it that you don't like change in any form?

greeny said...

Laughing over just me's comment..

I'm glad to know there are those out there who, even thought they are like totally tech savvy, don't enjoy it all the time.
Like, it bums me out to fool with any glitches computers throw at us.