Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vocabulary Test

Lorraine refers to our blogging world as "Blogopia." I and think she's just plain wrong.

Let's examine the words myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia . These words with the 'opia' suffix relate to how we see, nearsighted, farsighted, and needs reading glasses. (Do all Presbyterians need reading glasses or is that just me?) Blogopia therefore would mean how we see our blogging world.

Let's examine the words utopia and dystopia. These two words with the 'topia' suffix describe the places where we live: well, Utopia, obviously, and its evil twin, the land of doom (characterized by an oppressive social control).

Therefore, our little blog world should be Blogtopia. Right?

I'm sure Lorraine will disagree, anyone else?


Lorraine said...

Ok, that's weird. I left a comment earlier and it got eaten.

Oh well. You'll be happy to know that not only do I agree with you but I just spent the last 30 minutes editing every post wherein I used the word "Blogopia" or "Blogopian" and added a T.

Hi. I'm obsessive.

iamnot said...

Yep, Blogtopia.
You guys are way bored.

greeny said...

oye, tomato-tomahto.

I can't even find my dictionary and that is why my blog is elementary-range reading.

Lorraine said...

Iamnot, yep.

Anne said...


John said...

Since there are more and more people blogging, does that mean it's a blogedemic? Maybe there should be some form of blogulation control. How about we vote on it. Anne can be the leader of the Blogcratic party. But wait, she might turn out to be a blogtator and we would all be in trouble. I should just go to bed.

Anne said...

John, rest well, I won't appointment mysle blogtator or running for the leader of the blogcratic party.