Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had about 20 beggars to the door last night dipping into the family stash. Fern and Hermione went out together around our neighborhood. Don't they look smashing!

Hermione is wearing a dress I made for Fern a couple years ago, by the way.


I'm so proud of myself: I've gotten up in the dark 3 mornings this week and walked by myself. Yay Me!

We had a fire drill here at work a couple weeks ago. I work on the fifth floor so I took the steps up after the all-clear. Oh my goodness, I got to Three just fine, was huffing and puffing by Four and blown down by Five. I tried again a couple days ago with the same results. Now I've vowed to take the steps once a day until it's no longer hard, then I may do twice a day. It's exactly 100 steps to the fifth floor from the lobby. I guess my 1.75 mile walks in the mornings haven't been hard enough for my heart.


iamnot said...

Walking doesn't touch stairs for working the heart.
Good luck with that.

The girls look great.

greeny said...

Magnifique! They are GORGEOUS!

I let J and a small group out by themselves this year for the first time with strict intructions to call me halfway thru their jaunt and to aviod the obvious "bad" places.
He was thrilled.

OOooo, the stair are perfect for a workout. You'll be happy with your results!

ribbiticus said...

beautiful girls! you are also very talented! great going on the walking. am trying to walk as much as i can myself for exercise. ;)

michelle says hi!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Argh! My comments got fried!

OK, anyway, great costumes. The kids look really cute in them.

At my work the other week, we had a fire drill going through floor by floor. I kept going to the floor -- with a cart full of PC's or other equipment -- that was being "evacuated" at the time and I had to work my way through people leaving. Security was just laughing about it. Funny thing was, I missed the drill for my floor because I was on a different one at the time.

Michele sent me.

Janet said...

gorgeous daughters and costumes!

We had a fire drill here at work the day before Halloween...I was joking that it was a shame it didn't happen on Halloween when most of the folks in the office wore costumes LOL! We're on the 5th floor too. I walk down every day, but not up. Lazy!

Hi, Michele sent me!

VE said...

You should have just installed a big spiral slide from the window!

Anne said...

Thanks, they are gorgeous girls.

VE- good idea, but the windows are closed tight!

Maddy said...

The outfits are lovely but the smiles are even more delightful.
I'm so impressed that you're managing to keep up with the walking.

Lorraine said...

(clap clap clap) The kids look great. And does Fern really have a friend named Hermione? The Child will be so jealous.

Anne said...

No, I made that up, the friend LOVES Harry Potter and is smart like Hermione. But we don't have to tell The Child that part.