Tuesday, November 20, 2007

House and Home

I've lamented the difficulty in buying pants for my ever-growing son in the past. And it's still true. I had to buy him two new pairs of pants with adjustable waists Sunday night. Men's small jackets are the right length in the sleeves but he isn't close to "filling it out" and boys' large or x-large fit better but are too short around the wrists.

I measured him again on Sunday morning and he's 68.75" tall and still only about 100 lbs. He's nearly as tall as his father now having grown another inch in the past month. The dear boy went to school today in "floods" because he didn't want to change into the new pants or zip off the legs into shorts.

Sunday, I took him to Five Guys for lunch after church. (Is that 4 or 5 Sundays in a row, I've lost track.) He ate his burger and the rest of mine and all his fries. Last night his after school program had Thanksgiving dinner which he ate, then had salmon, broccoli and couscous when he got home. I figure any mom with an autistic son with food issues should just wait until they are a teenager and they'll eat anything. This teenager is going to eat me out of house and home.


just me said...

My MIL used to say that when S was in 9th grade she couldn't keep him in pants - every time she turned around his ankles were showing again.

As a mom of two kids who don't eat much, I say just roll with it, sooner or later the growth spurt will end. In the meantime, try the thrift shop in Rt 1 in Laurel for inexpensive pants!

Happy Thanksgiving - I hope you have a large turkey :)

John said...

We have the opposite problem. His waist size mandates mens pants which are too too long. He's always dragging the cuffs. I guess it's easier to hem than stretch, right?

iamnot said...

We have the opposite problem with S. His meds keep his appetite ramped up and it's a real struggle to keep his weight down.
It's incredibly difficult to find pants to fit.

iamnot said...

Added for John...

It ain't cheap, but you can try Eddie Bauer for jeans.
They will custom hem any of their three styles of jeans.
With shipping, it's about $50 a pair (ouch), but eddie bauer and Lands End are the only ones I know that will do this.


Anne said...

A lot of dry cleaners also do alterations and hemming pants is a quick service with a commercial hemmer (something I don't have).

Lorraine said...

The uniform skirts that were below The Child's knees in September are now at the midpoint of her kneecap. She eats like a horse and it is all going into height.

Maddy said...

Well I figure they'll balance each other out in the eating department!

As for the trousers, we too have the side elastic inserts but they're still as skinny as beans.

Happy Thanksgiving