Friday, November 23, 2007

It's the day after Thanksgiving, I did nothing, I got nothing, so I'm trying to push the envelope on iphone by doing an entire post with it including inserting a photo.
No luck uploading a photo. Dernit.

I'm on my to a Wizards game, I'll try to post a photo during halftime.


greeny said...

My maw and I shunned the big city for a smaller antiquing, decorating, quiching kind of day. Much slower pace and much less hassle. Then home for a leftover turkey meal (yum) and a hot buttered run.
Can't say it gets much nicer then this. Just wish I wasn't going to bed with a crick in my neck...

Lorraine said...

I'd comment but I'm too carbed out.

I think I just invented a new word.

Yay me.

John said...

I went to work. Much much easier than fighting the hordes. My friend was in Toys r us and the cops were called 10 minutes after they opened. I don't need that kind of hassle.

Anne said...

Lorraine, love the new word!

Many stores around here opened at 5:00 or earlier yesterday, yikes. I bought a gift a few weeks ago that turned out to be broken which means I need to return it, and I'm thinking March might be easier.

Carmi said...

iPhone: sigh. I've done so much research on the device and been interviewed so often that I feel Apple should give me one for all my troubles :)

Then again, I need my BlackBerry's full-blown keyboard. I type too much for my own good!

Last visit from Michele's tonight. Next up, I'll come on my own.