Tuesday, June 05, 2007

When it rains, it pours

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Hot. It hadn't rained in a while so I set the sprinkler out for several hours. Sunday it rained, over an inch. Now the lawn really needs to be mowed. I coulda mowed on Saturday.

Memorial Day weekend I turned on the AC for the season. Later I heard some crackling noise from the basement, went to inspect and found water dripping on the electronic air cleaner. Hmm. I called the company who put in the furnace last winter. Service call, please. How's Tuesday? Over the weekend I went downstairs for something and the basement is flooded. I'm guessing they didn't hook the AC drain back up properly when installing the new furnace. And I won't pay for the service call if they try to charge me.

Sunday morning, getting ready for church, I find a puddle around the fridge. I pull the fridge out from the wall to take a look. There is a drain line from the icemaker that is not connected. I reconnect it, and, while the fridge is pulled out, I mop back there, yuck. Later in the afternoon, I hear the icemaker fill with some additional dripping, more like pouring, sound. hmm. I pull the fridge out again. Hey! the floor is clean back there, woohoo! Oh, and the drain line is disconnected again. So I'm thinking the icemaker is clogged, frozen shut, or something, it's on the blink. (I want a new fridge. The current one is twenty years old....) So I've been trying to figure out how to get hot water up in there to thaw the innards of the icemaker to see if I can fix it, or if it really is dead.

Last week I promised to work on Fern's quilt, so I have been. And hand quilting it, too. I decided I'd finish the pattern I'd already started by hand, then use the machine to quilt the border and maybe augment the current pattern. It was then, during the initial excitement phase of working on a new project again, I remembered I owed some birthday blocks to women in my quilt guild. And top of that, I've been hired to make four 91" drapery pannels out of moss green velvet. I'm trying hard not to crush the velvet in the process. I'm also trying to figure out how much to charge my client. Too bad I can't charge her the amount of a new fridge.

It's like the Nationwide commercial: Life comes at you fast.


Variant E said...

I hate that drainline on the fridge. That happened to me. I don't need a lake in my kitchen unless I at least have a waterski boat to go with it!

AM Kingsfield said...

Is your drapery client named Scarlett?

It seems multiple inconveniences all wait to mug you together, as if one alone couldn't take you down.

greeny said...

You sound very calm and on top of things.
I haven't had many household emergencies (knock on wood) but the thing is not to panic. Once the compressor of our old fridge froze up and shut everything down. Of course I figured it had given up the ghost so I went immediately and purchased a new frige posthast only to find out when I came home the old one had had a chance to thaw so it was working again.

carollynn said...

No, the drapery client is not named Scarlett, I go by Carollynn. However, I do share being a southerner with Scarlett.